Have you ever wondered how much distance your cargo travels after it boards the ship? You must have because this is the point of concern for every trader. The reason why knowing the whereabouts of every freight shipment is important is that the uncertainties of the shipping industry are inevitable. You cannot rely upon verbal assurance as history reveals how much damage the traders had to bear in case of loss or theft of the cargo. For this reason, the container tracking facility comes into action.

If you have done a container shipment using the OOCL (Orient Overseas Container Line) containers, there is no need to worry about the safe delivery of the cargo. OOCL container tracking is as simple as booking the same. You can either use the “ocean freight tracking tool” offered by the company, or you can choose a more convenient option that is available in the market. There are many online vendors and freight marketplaces which provide a hassle-free OOCL container tracking facility, through which you can find the exact location of your cargo. Learn how you can utilise modern technology for savoring a fret-free shipping experience in just a few easy steps. 

Track your cargo while it is seaborne in the international waters. 

Why Is Container Tracking Essential? 

A lot of traders believe that the OOCL/ Maersk/ Safmarine, etc. container tracking facility is just for them to know if the cargo is safe or not. Maybe this is the reason that most of them tend to take it very casually. However, you should not ride the same boat by committing the mistake of taking the container tracking service lightly. Tracking your cargo’s location can help you serve your customers in a better way which in turn will strengthen your business relations. 

If the customers are well-informed about their bookings and their delivery location, it will create a sense of reliability in them. The transparency that OOCL container tracking will offer would allow them to know how far is their cargo, how much time it will take to arrive, and also get prior information about unavoidable delays. No customer or buyer enjoys being left wondering how far his order is. Therefore, you should make a smart choice by using the OOCL container tracking facility to serve your customers better. It will also help you in utilising your time in more productive activities than stressing over the safety of your cargo. 

How Can You Do It? 

If you have never used the OOCL container tracking service, it might feel a little confusing. The good news is that you have two ways through which you can track your freight shipments. Since OOCL is a well-renowned and a successful company that offers decent services, you will get tracking tool access when you book the container. For a more convenient alternative, you may also choose Cogoport, a leading company that offers all the shipping related services. 

Using The Company’s Website 

You can track your OOCL bookings by visiting the company’s official website. Follow the following steps to get the steps right. 

  • Go to your smartphone’s or computer’s browser and search “oocllogistics.com” and you will be directed to the homepage of the website. 
  • On the right side of the page, you will find a list of “our services”. There click of the toggle named “e-services”. 
  • Under the drop-down arrow of e-services, you will find an option, “ocean freight tracking”, click on it. 
  • The page will refresh, and you will find an “ocean freight tracking tool” written within a paragraph. Click on it to open the tool. 
  • Now a small box will appear on the page asking you the Bill of Lading number, booking or container number, and the type of shipment you have done. 
  • Enter all the details correctly, and the required information about your cargo’s location will appear on the screen. 

Using other OOCL Container Tracking Facilities online 

Now, instead of following the aforementioned long procedure, you can follow another method to get the same desired results. You can track your cargo easily with the help of different vendor websites, for example-

  • Visit the official website of Cogoport through your computer’s web browser. 
  • On the main ribbon of the home page, you will find a drop-down arrow named products. Click on it and choose the container tracking option from the list. 
  • Scroll down the page and click on the “get started” tab. 
  • Enter your work email address and sign up. Follow the steps as you will be instructed. 
  • Enter the details of your container and get the most accurate and reliable results on your screen. The website is trusted for its advanced technology, and thus, you will not have to worry about any glitches in the information transmitted. 

OOCL container tracking is made easy with the advancement of technology. You do not have to stress over your cargo’s safety or give false hopes to your customers in case of unforeseen delays. Enjoy a happy and stress-free shipment without having to worry about the shipment journey!