Mobile gaming is one of the fastest growing markets in the world and certainly the fastest in gaming as a whole, as it now makes up over 50% of the entire gaming industry. Whilst much of this growth can be attributed to a changing audience and attitude towards gaming, a large part of the shift has largely been in thanks to social media and newer social platforms that allow people to connect more and more over a fondness for gaming – so what are the biggest shifts that have caused growth?

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Live streaming platforms – Not specifically social media, but definitely something that has helped the social development of gaming and has caused a shift for things such as esports to grow much in the way it has. The live chat allows for viewers to directly communicate with their favourite players or internet personalities when they’re live, and also to connect with other viewers creating the communities that can be seen through popular services like Twitch, and in one aspect has really led the movement of one aspect of gaming to what it is today.

Social media in gaming – Then of course there are the typical social media platforms, and these have had a huge benefit on pushing mobile gaming to a bit of an older audience more than anything else – gaming has had a shift in recent years as women over the age of 34 are now the primary users of mobile gaming and this has largely happened thanks to social factors that have allowed new players to share progress, wins, or even advertise these games through sharing across these different platforms.

Social media has also had an impact in changing the popular types of games played especially on mobile devices as casual and hyper casual games have increased in popularity over the years, where typically this had been within puzzle and arcade games social media has made a shift toward online casinos and betting sites as players want to share their next big win with their friends and let everyone know what they’re doing – despite recent changes to initiatives such as Gamstop aimed at making these sites more difficult to use for some, the return of major sporting events and these bookies not on gamstop are well reviewed for an alternative place to play, social media has continued to help growth in this area.

We’re moving in to a time of increasing connectivity as we head toward the next stage of networking with the introduction 5G on a wider scale, this is going to open up the possibilities for more sharing and better ways to share that come along with it which will see gaming continue to grow in our mobile devices particularly as newer tech such as VR is introduced – changes will happen fast as they have been in recent years, and an exciting time in general for social media users and mobile gamers alike as the crossover is happening more and more.