You can buy domains from a lot of places, but if you’re on the lookout for the combination of the best and most affordable discount domain, you will need to look a little closer. It’s hard to go wrong when you buy from a reputable domain, although there are a few key points to consider when deciding who you want to register your domain with.

As you probably know, it’s not necessary to host your domain name through your current hosting provider. Here are a couple of tips that will help you buy a cheap yet great domain name for cheap.

Buy only from reputable and established providers

You’ll find hundreds of places to purchase a domain, so buying from an unknown domain registrar is like dooming your online business altogether. Yes, the odds of them going out of business is low, but would you put yourself through that type of risk?

Anybody can start a domain registration and hosting company, so stay away from smaller domain registration companies and go with larger companies. The importance of good customer support cannot be overstated – you want a company that offers 24/7 customer support.

Get your domain name for 2 years minimum

When buying your domain name, consider registering it for at least two years. Some of the benefits include:

Locked at a lower price. The more years you register, the lower the annual price is. And since costs tend to go up each year, you’ll be locking in that low rate.

Less hassle. Don’t worry about renewing your domain name yearly or forget renewing your domain name and *gasp* end up losing it!

SEO. Google will reward your commitment with a higher search ranking.

Read the terms

Many registrars offer registration for free while others charge as much as $15 per year. Ensure that you’re comparing equal variables. The “cheapest” option can cost more. Assess the following features:

Auto domain renewals. This is offered by most registrars today. You don’t want to lose a domain simply because you forgot to renew.

Free domain parking until you’re ready to use your domain. Free domain forwarding if you are using your domain as a redirect link.

Hosting options. Many domain registrars offer to host, but many business owners choose to host their sites elsewhere, providing the freedom to change hosts without moving domains.

Other important tips:

Avoid “Close Enough” domains

If at all possible, always use .com for your new website and try not to use a weird naming convention just to get that preferred name. Avoid using hyphens since people tend to forget where they go. It will be even worse if your competitor uses the same domain as you but without hyphens since you’ll only end up sending customers to them instead.

Domain Names ending with. Org, .Net, Biz, Etc are a no-no

Many people go ahead and settle ongoing with other versions of the domain name such as “.net”, “.biz”, etc. Since it’s so hard to find good “.com” domain names these days. While these are usually readily available, if there is already a well-known brand that uses the “.com” version, there may be legal implications if you choose that domain.

Even if you go ahead and do it, the “.com” you’d be advertising for your competitor for free. When a client is looking for you, they might not remember your less well-known name and end up choosing your competitor.

However, choosing other domain names is acceptable in some areas, like if your company is a non-profit, then “.org” is a good option. Also, if you’re a local business serving geographical area; such as a business in Sydney, going for “.au” extension is viable. These are the exceptions, but it’s highly recommended to use the “.com” name for your website.

 Now you’re ready to go ahead and purchase a discount domain for your business, after which you’ll be ready to build your website and start your online journey towards success.