Office 365 migration services help you move from Exchange 2010 to Office 365 with ease. It is an important strategical move for companies that want to change their approach to software and upgrade their infrastructure. Office 365 migration services are integral to optimizing your technology capabilities as the cloud environment it offers provides a host of advantages that you would not otherwise get with clunky server-based systems. This migration services not only help you reduce costs but also help you better manage local networks and email servers with greater efficiency in the cloud. Here are 9 ways in which your business can benefit from Office 365 migration services:

Increased Collaboration

Microsoft Office 365 migration services help you benefit from increased collaboration from shared team sites and chats to video conferencing and group-based conversations. In fact, constantly updated files and data saved on the cloud can be easily accessed in real-time.

Optimized Infrastructure

Office 365 migration services offers an optimized infrastructure. You no longer need to rely on heavy server-based architecture that holds you back by upgrading to the power of the cloud.

Integrated Systems

Office 365 migration services also helps your business benefit from integrated systems as the cloud environment helps you combine different systems from operations to content into one powerful engine.

Enhanced Productivity

Office 356 migration services are important if you are looking to have your employees work from anywhere, at any time, for greater productivity. The cloud infrastructure allows them to access company files at any place with only an internet connection.

Single Data Source

Office 365 migration services are also important because they enable you to store your data in one centralized location in the Microsoft data center, thus relying on a single data source instead of many disparate ones that are difficult to retrieve.

Improved Security

Microsoft Office 365 migration services are also useful for security purposes because of the numerous security features it comes with. These features involve TSL/SSL encryption and an incident response protocol to monitor your systems for suspicious activities.

Increased Storage Capacity

Microsoft Office 365 migration services also allow you to store your emails in the cloud, regardless of their size because of the large store capacity that is available. Manual back-ups also become obsolete as the entire process can be automated with the cloud.

Built-In Compliance

Microsoft Office 365 is a cutting-edge solution that is compliant with ISO 27001 standards and has achieved the EU Safe Harbour seal. It has also been through SAS70 Type I and II audits to ensure that your business is compliant with data regulations of all sorts.

Flexible Scaling

Microsoft Office 365 migration services help you scale in a way that aligns with the growth of your business by upgrading your subscription. As such, no networking equipment or additional servers need to be purchased as new employees are on-boarded and teams are expanded.

Microsoft Office 365 migration services are useful if you are looking to strategically optimize your technology capabilities and change your approach to software. Gone are the days of legacy infrastructure and disjointed data sources. Office 365 migration services help you cut costs and better manage your email servers and networks at one go. Microsoft Office 365 provides a vast array of advantages to businesses looking to migrate from their legacy environment to the cloud. From flexible scaling and enhanced security to increased collaboration and integrated systems, Microsoft Office 365 migration services have you covered.