We have this impression that techies are all about the latest and most expensive gadgets. But since they’re also some of the most practical consumers in the world, you’ll be surprised how a tiny useful tool can make their day.

So, put the typical gadgets aside and take a unique route with these gifts below. You don’t have to spend a wad of cash to make a techie in your life happy. There are cool and exciting finds that won’t put a hole in your pocket.

1.   Coffee Break Gift Box

Coffee, tech, and co-working spaces mesh well together in the techie realm. A coffee gift basket is a nice and timely gift for your recipient who prefers to be indoors despite the gradual re-opening of the world. Everyone loves some coffee or snack break, even the ones glued on their desks.

2.   Keychain Charger

Tech is a fashion statement in itself as it leans more towards minimalism or utilitarian, so it’s nice to gift something that they can really use while still being fashionable. This leather tassel keychain is a USB charger that you can carry everywhere you go. The tassels come in different colors.

3.   Self-Rolling Smart Yoga Mat

Now, even tools for the spirit are technologically enhanced to make life even easier. If your giftee is not a fan of rolling up their yoga mat, this one rolls itself up and grips to the floor. With yoga routines included, they can maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

4.   Audio Sunglasses

These Bluetooth sunglasses have built-in speakers, and they look amazing. You’ll still hear perfect-sounding music, but it doesn’t go directly to the ear. Best part is, no one will realize it unless you tell them. This is a great gift for the techie in your life who still wants to stay open to the world.

5.   Flexible Universal Tablet Stand

The bendable legs of this tablet stand adjust to the right position whether the user is on the couch or bed. It holds the tablet securely, so they’ll be able to enjoy hands-free even on an uneven surface. Plus, the flexible legs fold compactly for easy storage.

6.   Connected Friendship Lamps

Tech meets thoughtful in this touch lamp. This is perfect for your recipient who misses their family and friends living far away. You can buy one for them and you so when they tap the connected touch lamp, yours will light up in your special color.

7.   Sleep Dot Sleep Tracker

Let your recipient wake up to a thorough report of their sleep cycle with this stealthy sleep tracker. They can also set it up to put them to bed with soothing tunes. Best of all, it gives custom advice on restlessness (which a lot of techies experience) and maintain healthy sleeping habits.

8.   Smart Picture Frame

These times call for sentimental gifts without losing their tech practicality and flair. A smart connected picture frame will display your giftee’s most memorable photos directly from the devices of the entire family. 

It cues up a slideshow when someone is near and dims when the lights are off. More than a unique and not so typical tech gift for the techie in your life, it’s something they can cherish with images to be proud of.