Everyone wants to win when betting on sports. Yet, winning consistently doesn’t just happen. Sports bettors who successfully win time and time again do not just rush into making wagers. Nor do winners go about betting on sports haphazardly. There are some secrets to betting on sports and winning. The Genting casino promo code is a way bettors can win, but they need to take advantage of the offer first.

Winning consistently at sports betting is a possibility and these 7 tips to win can help any punter.

  1. Research


Anyone who wants to make money at sports betting needs to understand the value of research. There needs to be substance behind a bet other than ‘Team A will beat Team B’. All sports bettors able to make a living from gambling use research to find the best betting possibilities. This doesn’t mean just looking at league standings or form table. Punters must go in-depth and look at other variables such as injuries, how players/teams play in certain situations or in specific stadiums, and more. Top bettors may even know what the goalkeeper had for breakfast before making an informed wager. For example, if you had bet on Nigeria at the 2018 World Cup, you should have known their football association president Amaju Pinnick had to ease fears over the team’s financial status (source here). Little things like that can make a big difference in betting.

  1. Don’t expect a big win (every time)


A lot of casual bettors will place a treble, four-fold, or accumulator on the weekend’s action. Many will believe they can win big on a small wager. But bettors who actually want to win will know this rarely happens. Bettors shouldn’t expect a big win, rather making smaller, smart bets and growing a bankroll gradually will pay off over the long-term.

  1. Have a strategy


Strategies can be updated and adapted, but bettors should have an idea of how they will bet. Going about betting with no idea or information can see bettors lose their bankroll quickly. Perhaps a bettor wants to stick to one type of sport such as basketball. They may then stick to one league, such as the NBA, rather than mixing it up with other basketball leagues like the EuroLeague, G-League, or NCAA.

  1. Don’t bet on a favourite or stick with one team


betsPlenty of sports bettors get into habits and these can pay off in the short-term, but continuing habits can be bad over time. Some bettors like to bet for or against ‘their team’. But it is wise to never bet on a favourite team as it creates bias. In addition, bettors may find a hot streak with a particular club. Yet, they shouldn’t expect the winning to continue. Don’t get caught up in winning and don’t let a bias towards a team prevent smart, informed betting.

  1. Shop around for odds


Sports bettors are always looking for value. In the United Kingdom, the number of online sportsbooks continues to grow. The offers available also continue to increase. Customers should shop around and explore the deals sportsbooks advertise. Sports gambling is an extremely competitive business and bettors will find a lot of incentives to create an account with multiple companies.

  1. Don’t bet on outrageous accumulators


Sportsbooks love punters who make multi-bet wagers. Even more so, they love big accumulators that bettors wager £5 or more on. Bets with multiple selections are more likely to fail than bets with fewer selections. It happens every week, however, as punters create a 10- or 20-team accumulator with a £5,000 pay out. Why? Because they read about people winning these in the newspapers and they dream it can happen to them. The reason these are reported in the newspaper is because they are rare. Sportsbooks lose most of their money on single bets. It may not be a huge win from a small bet, but it is more likely to occur.

  1. Bet with your head


Anyone that makes a great deal of money from sports betting will know betting with your heart is a fool’s game. Punters should always bet with their heads and make their decisions from research and rational thinking. Unfortunately, sportsbooks make millions every year off of punters who lump a large sum on their favourite team. In addition, look at other markets offered by a sportsbook. Rather than betting on a straight up win, try finding value in another type of bet. Perhaps ‘player to score’, ‘most corners’, or ‘both teams to score’ may be a better wager for a specific game.