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Point of sales systems are often seen as back-end solutions that are used for processing sales and accepting payments. A good POS system can do so much more, though. When you know how to use POS systems to their full potential, they also serve as powerful tools for improving your customers’ in-store experience. A good POS also improves the image of your brand and can help you form powerful relationships with your customers. Let’s look a little bit closer at a few of the many ways in which point of sales systems can improve customer experience.

Ensure You Have What Your Customers Want

One of the great things about POS software is that it can be used to manage your inventory. It keeps track of how many of each item you have in stock and can even automatically generate purchase orders to replenish your stock and keep you from running out. Instead of trying to estimate how much you should order, the data from your POS system will help you make informed decisions to ensure that you have what your customers want. In addition, it will help you avoid purchasing more stock than you can sell in a timely manner.

Decrease Checkout Times

When someone visits your brick and mortar store, they don’t want to end up stuck in a long line waiting to pay for the items they’ve chosen. In fact, long checkout lines are one of the primary reasons why shoppers abandon purchases. If you are relying on an old-fashioned cash register, it’s probably taking you way too long to ring each customer up. Upgrading to a modern POS system speeds up the process and enables your customers to get in and out quickly.

If you want to make the checkout process even faster, consider upgrading to a mobile POS system. These systems enable you to process transactions and accept payments using a tablet or smartphone. Equip your sales associates with hardware that has your POS software installed, and they’ll be able to check customers out anywhere in the store.

Accept a Wide Range of Payment Types

Cash used to be king, but today, customers are more likely to carry plastic than paper. If you aren’t already accepting credit and debit cards, you could be missing out on a lot of business. With a modern POS system, you can easily accept all sorts of payment methods, including cash, checks, credit cards, debit cards, and gift cards.

If you already accept multiple payment options but your hardware is outdated, upgrading to a more modern system improves customer experience. Consider investing in a system that is compatible with chip cards and can be used mobile payment technology. The easier you make it for your customers to pay for your purchases, the more likely they are to buy from your business.

Improve Customer Outreach

Using your POS system to build stronger marketing campaigns can help you better connect with customers. Use the software to build profiles for your customers. Collect their email addresses, names, birthdates, and other information as appropriate. You can get this information by asking them to sign up for your mailing list or be implementing a loyalty program.

Use the information you gather to create custom marketing campaigns. Instead of sending out generic email newsletters, personalize them when your customer’s names. This makes them much more likely to open the email and click through to your website. Tying your POS system into your marketing efforts also enables you to easily create customized emails, home mailers, and other promotions based on your customers’ buying habits, demographics, and other factors.

Improve Customer Service

Nothing ruins your customer’s in-store experience faster than poor customer service. 78 percent of consumers have abandoned a purchase due to poor customer service, and many of them have refused to return to the store in the future. Providing good customer service keeps your customers engaged and ensures that your business is meeting their needs.

Your POS system should blend into the background and work seamlessly to ensure excellent service for every customer who walks through the door. Use it for scheduling and ensuring that the members of your team in working in areas where they are most useful. Use it for inventory tracking so you can look up products to see if they are in stock rather than having to “look in the back”. Use it to help people complete their purchases quickly.

A good POS system has powerful software that can be used to manage several important parts of your business. Learn how to use it to its full potential and, in addition to making running your business easier and more efficient, it will improve the customer experience for everyone who walks in the door.

Accept Customer Feedback

Some systems are compatible with devices that let customers rate their experiences when doing business with you. These devices can be placed at the checkout and used to gather both positive and negative feedback about your business. While, ideally, you wouldn’t receive any negative feedback, the complaints will help you better understand areas where your business could stand to improve. Your POS software can use data from reviews and purchases to analyze how customer experience impacts your bottom line, which can be quite eye-opening.


Point of sale systems can be used for much more than just collecting payments. When you know how to use POS systems to their full potential, they serve as powerful tools for improving customer service. They make it easier to ensure that you have what your customers need and are able to provide them with assistance. They also speed up the checkout process which saves your shoppers time and can help prevent abandoned purchases and lost sales. If you aren’t using a POS system to improve customer experience and build your business, get started today!