A successful roofing business utilizes an effective combination of digital marketing strategies. While it’s not practical to drive around to check the rooftops of people in your local area needing your services, it’s also true with implementing vague marketing strategies such as mail or pay per click ads that can be impractical and costly.

If you’re engaged in a roofing business, it’s wise to implement practical strategies to grow your roofing business and ROI organically. You can seek help from a trusted, and reputable lead generation agency, such as Ippei Leads – Contractors. In this post, you’ll learn the most innovative digital marketing strategies so you can generate roofing leads.

Here are some of the innovative digital marketing strategies for roofing leads in 2019:

1.Installation of a Storm Tracker Software

A storm tracking application can give you a heads up about the extent of a storm or hail. Most homeowners don’t know that a roof is damaged when it starts to leak, which usually happens after a calamity goes through the place. Here’s how you can utilize the app for your digital marketing strategy:

  • Install a storm traffic app to get real-time updates on the progress and whereabouts of a storm or hail.
  • Set up or post Facebooks ads targeting homeowners in affected areas.
  • Offering a free assessment or inspection for hail or storm damage is a good idea to attract potential clients. Most homeowners don’t realize the extent and severity of damage without professional help.

2.Claiming and Updating Your Review Listing on Trusted and Reputable Review Sites

Customer reviews and testimonials are important factors in in lead generation, so it’s valuable to roofing contractors. It’s about time to claim your listing on review sites to your advantage. Here’s how:

  • Search reviews by visiting review sites and checking if previous customers have reviewed your roofing business
  • Claiming your review listing by verifying that you’re the owner of the business is done by contacting the admin of the review site
  • After which, update your review listing. Add your site URL, business hours, and your contact information. Add pictures of roofing projects, incomplete ones and complete ones.

3.Keep Your Online Local Business Page via GMB Up-to-date

Majority of consumers search for businesses, whether local, national, or international, on the web, so it’s time to claim your business Google My Business or GMB listing. Optimizing your business page listing is a good practice. Here are the details:

  • Your potential customers should be able to set an appointment or schedule with ease via appointment URLs
  • Direct messaging feature. Instead of people calling you, they should be able to book directly using your GMB page through this feature.
  • People should be able to contact you directly via your roofing business GMB page
  • Set automatic responses or messages and turn the direct messaging off when you are not online.
  • Create an off-site FAQ for your potential leads. If you receive similar queries repeatedly, you can answer them via a dedicated FAQ section to save you and your customers’ time and effort
  • Measure customer loyalty and build your credibility and reputation on GMB

4.Using Facebook Pixel to Target Website Visitors

Organic visitors to your site may not be converted on the first visit. Reconnect with those potential clients using the Facebook pixel, which is a snippet of code that is generated by Facebook to retarget with Facebook ads. For instance, you can focus on online visitors who visited and viewed your service page or target users who completed the contact form.

5.Roofing Website SEO Voice Search Optimization

Optimize each web page for roofing keywords for your voice search search engine optimization or SEO. Alexa and Siri smart speakers are installed in many households today, and users search via voice search. So, aside from creating informative web content including roofing videos and infographics, make sure that your site is optimized for voice search. If your roofing business website is SEO optimized, your business is more visible and will generate more leads. Here are the other SEO tactics you can use:

  • Create a dedicated blog section to answer common roofing questions since voice search involves questions like What is the nearest roofer near me?
  • Use long-tail keywords in tags, titles, descriptions, and image file names
  • Link your roofing articles out to official publications and authority sites to improve your reputation like Forbes or Wikipedia
  • Use uniform listings on citations or business information.

6.Promote on Social Media

While social media sites may not directly affect your ranking, it can influence the influx of leads indirectly, raising brand awareness, strengthening customer relationship, and enhancing user experience. Aside from Facebook, you can also market your roofing services on Instagram, Twitter, and other applicable social media sites. Maintain your social media presence through social media marketing by:

  • Sharing blog posts or videos, so people can share it and earn followers
  • Sharing valuable tips and pieces of advice to share your expertise and help people


Lead generation is a complex process. It does not only involve one digital marketing strategy but a combination of effective strategies based on the nature of your business, location, target audience, and target goals. Hiring a lead generation specialist is a great option to reduce the stress and headaches associated with the complicated process.