If a few years ago surveillance systems were associated just with big companies, institutions or luxury mansions, things have changed a lot in the meantime and nowadays, pretty much anybody can own a system!

Technology has advanced that much and buying a wireless IP camera is something as usual as getting a new phone. However, if you want to set up a top surveillance system, based on WiFi/IP cameras, you still need to do the proper research, in order to make sure you don’t end up with cheap equipment which won’t do the job.

However, there’s no need to worry, since you will not waste any time looking for the best cameras you can buy, since we already did it for you, by putting together a short list with five of the best WiFi/IP camera surveillance tech you shouldn’t miss in 2017! After all, this is the best way to start a complete home security system, right?

Without much further ado, let’s see what we found…

Netgear Arlo Pro

If you’re after a completely wireless surveillance camera system, this might be the one you’re looking for. Designed for outdoor use, it’s very easy to install and delivers excellent footage, at an HD resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels, with a 130-degree field of view.

Thanks to the eight IR LEDs, it can provide night vision out to 25 feet, while the speaker and microphone array can detect sound and motion.

The camera works with IFTT and it supports other smart home devices. It’s also waterproof and works with rechargeable batteries, which are two enormous pluses.

Tend Secure Lynx Indoor

Looking for some classroom cameras, in order to help teachers become more effective, or just a simple indoor model, so you can make your home more secure with technology? In this case, you might as well check out the Tend Secure Lynx Indoor!

Despite its reduced size, the camera can shoot 1080p videos at 30fps, with a 125-degree field of view, while the spec sheet is completed by a built-in microphone and speaker, delivering two-way audio. Just like the previous model, it has a motion sensor and an IR LED, for great night vision.

It’s one of the most affordable and easy to install WiFi/IP cameras of the moment and, as a bonus, it offers free cloud storage for your footage. Yes, you can access the images from anywhere and you don’t need to worry about installing a special hard disk drive for it.

Nest Cam IQ

By far one of the most interesting – and popular – camera surveillance systems of the moment comes from Nest Labs. Cam IQ, one of the latest additions to their portfolio stands out thanks to its face-recognition feature, being great for indoor use. Actually, just indoor!

It comes with an 8MP 4K HDR sensor and it can deliver 24/7 full HD video.  Thanks to its 130-degree field of view, as well as the embedded motion and audio sensors, the camera is able to capture a lot of details.

The camera can be accessed using the dedicated Android or iOS app – same as other Nest products – and it’s compatible with voice assistants and IFTT. Basically, you can call it an essential piece of any smart home system.

LG Smart Security Wireless Camera

Looking forward to keep an eye on the students or increase a teacher’s effectiveness with a great classroom camera? In this case, you need a discrete model, which won’t make any of them feel like they’re watched!

Besides the cool design, the LG Smart Security Wireless Camera takes full HD videos and has a field-of-view of 130 degrees, capturing more than a regular camera. Everything it records is then stored in the cloud, giving you the possibility to check the supervised area from anywhere, using the mobile app.

A really cool trick it also does is the fact that it acts as a home automation hub. It’s not compatible with a lot of devices, though, but you can still control Z-Wave gadgets or track indoor temperature and humidity. How many WiFi/IP surveillance camera being able to do this you know?

By far our favorite model in this top, in terms of design.

Netatmo Presence

Last but not least, we have another great piece of WiFi/IP camera surveillance tech in our top, this time coming from Netatmo. It’s an imposing metallic model, designed for outdoors, and rocking a powerful lighting system, which is pretty much the first thing that catches your attention!

Yes, it can be considered an expensive model, but it definitely has a lot to offer. As well as recording in full HD for 24 continuous hours, it also acts as a security light whenever it detects motion. And this is not all, since it’s also able to distinguish between the type of movements, so you will receive alerts, telling you if it detected a person, a car on an animal.

It has one-way audio and the images are stored in the cloud, but you can also opt to store your footage locally, using a dedicated hard disk drive.

As a side note, you should check out the design in detail, since it’s one of the best looking models from our top, looking stylish on all properties, no matter where you decide to install it. Also, thanks to the size, it’s very imposing, so anybody will think twice before entering your property.

And we’re done! Below you can find just a few examples of the best WiFi/IP camera surveillance tech you should definitely look after this year, no matter if you’re considering setting up your first system or already have one that requires an upgrade.

We picked models for all budgets, as well as indoor and outdoor montage, not to mention the various designs, so you can easily integrate them in any environment.

What are your thoughts on our selection? Would you buy any of these models? Let us know, by dropping a few lines in the comments section below!