Planning your investments is always a wise decision. This is especially true when we’re talking about next year. The time to prepare for 2019 is now. There is just enough time for you to prepare for it investment-wise, and just enough time to predict what the best investments will be. Though some people are against it, making investments is actually one of the best ways to make some money on the side. If done right, you can make a good amount of money without putting much effort into it, besides doing thorough research.

1. Real Estate

The most common mistake people make is thinking that the property they live in is their investment. To make a true investment in real estate, you need a second property. This is because you’ll be able to collect rent and upgrade that property for future use.

The most important thing you should pay attention to is the location. It sets the rent standard and also determines the value of your property. By investing in real estate, you get two main benefits- rent and capital appreciation.

2. Gold

There are many ways you could invest in gold. First, you could collect it in the form of jewelry. This is a beautiful way to ensure you’ll always have something of value with you, but it is usually rather costly. Instead of that, you could buy gold coins. Though it’s still not the most cost-effective way of investing, it’s suitable for many people.

The best way you could invest in gold is through gold ETFs. This can be done through the stock exchange and is most suitable for those who want paper gold.

3. The stock market

Though the stock market is the most basic example of a good investment, there are ways to make a profit without investing a lot of money. It’s overloaded right now, and people usually think it’s crazy to invest in it right now.

A fail-proof way to soundly invest in the stock market is by putting in small amounts of money. This method is called dollar cost trickling and it allows you to trickle your money into investments. Though profitable, this is a long-term investment and it may take up to 18 months to see some results (or more).

4. Diamonds

Investing in diamonds means that you’ll be investing in something which is durable and doesn’t take up room. What’s more, diamonds are inflation proof. Since they are a physical commodity, they’ll be more appreciated in times of inflation.

Before you invest in diamonds, you should have a plan. The most important thing to do is set a budget. The initial investment amount is a bit higher, so it’s important not to overstep your abilities as far as money is concerned. That’s why it’s advisable to ration your portfolio.

5. Peer-to-peer lending

Another investment could be peer-to-peer lending. To successfully pull it off, you would need to go to a specialized company. These kinds of companies allow you to lend money to other people as if you were the bank.

This is basically an investment in other people and their dreams. Don’t worry, you won’t be lending them large amounts of money, but you’ll still be getting a decent rate in return. In fact, the rates you get are usually 6% and higher.


Not all of these might have been what you were expecting, but they’re all sound investments. These things take calculation, time, and trust. Without those three key components, you won’t be making a good future investment. That’s also why research is crucial. We’re confident that you’re more than capable of making the right investment for you and prospering.