Are you busy figuring out how to build a social media strategy for your small business?

It would not be surprising if you are. 

Moreover it will not be out of place if you are overwhelmed by it all and do not know how to start.

There is no any need to worry.

Even for savvy marketers social media is not a cakewalk as it used to be. 

It involves hard work.

You must choose the right platforms and craft a content strategy that is most appropriate for your target audience.

But come to think of it. As a small business you have clear advantages over big businesses.

Here are a few good reasons why.

1. It is easier for you to connect with your customers 

Since your customer base is smaller you are more community and individual focused. You can develop better kinship in your marketing campaigns by being responsive to the influx of comments from consumers on social media

2. Lesser advertising expenses

Typically the expense on promotional by small businesses is 1 percent of its revenues.

This of course depends on your past experience, your marketing objectives, the size of your business and the competition.

However entering the social media landscape on Facebook is hot right now.

If strategized appropriately you can really get your business rolling.

Facebook has a huge user base. More than one billion people are active on this platform. 

So there are good chances that your potential prospects have an account on Facebook.

A recent research has revealed that nearly 90 percent of consumers buy a brand they follow on a social networking site. Admittedly social media offers untapped potential that you must not ignore. 

You offer personalized attention

Small businesses deliver good buying experience. And when you relate with your consumers on social media the bond becomes even closer. 

3. Instant access

When you successfully cultivate a community online, your followers become part of your kinship – a clear advantage to get instant access to them. 

You will get to know what problems they are facing, and you can respond with what solutions you have. It is like engaging in an ongoing interaction that is even more effective than any paid advertising.

4. Easier to deliver repeat exposure of your brand

It is often said people require 5-6 exposures before they finally buy a product. 

Social media makes it easy to do this. You can remind them again and again about your product/ service.

5. Social media allows you to expand your reach

Today your business may be small, but going ahead you may expand. 

For this you must gather real world data.

Social media provides you with loads of information about your audience, where they reside and the languages they speak, and how they relate with your brand on the social media platforms.

This information can allow you to create strategies for a larger customer base.

You can use this information to target your campaigns and thereby greatly lower cost per referral. 

Finally test, evaluate and tweak your strategies. As you commence implementing your social media strategies you will realize that some work and others do not.

Re-evaluate and test again. Your business is sure to gain via social media marketing.