Have you ever filled a form? Wrong question. Have you ever filled an online form? Many, right. Daily you may fill hundreds of forms be it for subscription, sign-up, survey etc. Smart forms are nothing but the online or digital versions of the real-time forms. Thanks to the internet, people have found ways to make work easy and fast. 

Smart forms are also one such way that has helped businesses in gathering accurate information that could be used for multiple purposes. Normally a form can be used to gather a customer’s details for account setup or subscription to newsletters, etc. It is user-friendly, secure, easily editable. There are many smart form builder applications available in the market that will help you in building a form that is perfect for your business.

Benefits of smart forms

Smart forms are highly beneficial for businesses irrespective of their size. They are taking you a step closer to a paper-free environment. When using paper forms you have to worry about keeping them safe as there are high chances of them getting lost or going through wear-tear. With online forms, you don’t have to work about storing them as they can be stored in the cloud and can be accessed from anywhere. You can’t carry paper forms everywhere with you but with online forms, you don’t even have to worry about it. Online forms are highly convenient for both you and your customers as you don’t have to worry about being present while the form is being filled. These forms can be optimised and it is the most secure way to gather your client’s information.

Still, not convinced

Here are 5 reasons why your business needs smart forms.

Gather Data

Smart forms will help you in gathering accurate data of clients and customers. If you’re using an offline form, there will always be questions that will help you understand your users better. The purpose of forms is to gather information about your users and understand their changing preferences. Offline forms are not accessible to everybody, whereas online forms have a wide reach. People staying in different locations can also access these forms and submit the information. 

Online forms come into hand when you’re dealing with customer complaints, feedback or taking orders. You don’t have to worry about forgetting to capture certain information about your customer. As your customers will find all the information right before them in an easy format. People who are interested in your brand will only give their personal information, you don’t have to worry about violating their privacy too.


You will have full control over how your forms will look. It gives you more chance to design them in such a way that you don’t have to worry about missing any important field. From the number of fields to the colour scheme, you can have everything in coordination with your branding. You will even have a say in the placement of the form. Forms can build trust and meaningful bond with your customers. 

You don’t have to settle with fonts or colours that are available, you can custom-built your form with fonts and colours that will gain the attention of your customers. You can even provide your users with a choice of language to make it easy for them to understand the form. Make sure that you don’t ask unimportant questions, ask important questions. Data captured, length of the form everything plays a crucial role in improving your user experience. Use software that allows you in creating editable forms, so you can optimise your forms whenever necessary.


You don’t have to worry about the money spent on the paper and postage stamps, while you’re conducting surveys or collecting information online. Free online forms are instantly available, so you don’t even have to spend a lot of money to purchase database and create these forms. 

The responses to the forms are automatically downloaded and you can analyze them from anywhere at any time. While using paper forms you have to wait till they are delivered to you, but with online forms, you don’t have to worry about it as you will receive them within seconds of your customer’s submission. It allows you to receive feedback or complaints almost instantly. Creating these online forms is also easy compared to offline forms.


Smart forms are convenient for both you and your customers. Your targeted audience can feel the forms at the time that best suits them. They can take their time to answer all the questions. They are even easy to follow-up with your customers too. All you have to do is just drop them an email. Even following up is also highly convenient to customers and you. Style your forms in such a way that it matches with your brand. You can get as innovative as possible by customising the layouts, logo, fonts and background. You can even add different website links to make it more convenient to your users. 

Conversion rates

Smart forms will improve conversion rates and lead quality. When you pose important questions it can improve your engagement with the customers. These forms adapt to all devices of a user be it mobile, laptop, pc. It gives them the liberty to fill the form from any device. 

When they are browsing through your website and if they find your form interesting they may take time to fill it. Which means you have got hold of the new visitor or a lead who is interested in your brand or products. Getting important information can help your sales team in converting your leads and boosting your sales. If your forms have the right questions that can pull the important information. Your sales will boost and give you qualified leads.


Smart forms will assist you in gathering valuable information and preferences of your customers. These forms can be tailor-made to satisfy your business needs. They are versatile and you have complete control over all the information in the form. If used properly they have the capacity of boosting your sales and improving your interaction with your customers.