Freeview is a market leader in DTT – Digital Terrestrial Television –  operating in over 18 million UK homes and it has been a respected name since its arrival in October 2002. 

If you have internet access with a speed of 2Mbps and a TV aerial then Freeview can provide the perfect subscription free alternative to the satellite and cable options available in the UK.

5 Reasons to Consider Freeview

  • 95% of the most popular shows on TV are available on Freeview. 
  • Enjoy over 20000 hours of on demand content and more than 700 boxsets. 
  • There are no contracts and no bills. 
  • Simple searches, valuable recommendations.  
  • Either make a one off payment for the set top box you choose or your TV may already have Freeview built in. Many do. Watch across several devices via the app.

Are there any hidden costs with Freeview?

No. It is entirely up to you whether you add top ups or streaming services to the Freeview product. No one will make you sign up to anything that you don’t want. Recent research has shown that consumers are becoming frustrated about subscriptions and that they now believe that there are too many options. Deloitte has called the consumer response subscription fatigue.

Freeview for everyone

Their new accessible TV guide launched at the end of October 2020 is available by pressing 555 on the remote control and it is wonderfully simple to navigate and has text to speech, screen magnification, filters for programmes with subtitles, audio only or sign language. 

Is Freeview reliable?

Freeview is incredibly reliable but rarely you may need to retune the apparatus if upgrades or changes have taken place. That takes a few minutes. 

Aerial leads can sometimes affect the performance of Freeview boxes or the Freeview enabled TV. It’s worth checking that it is securely connected to the socket at the rear of the TV, set top box or recorder, it’s so easy to miss when it wiggles free, perhaps after cleaning.  If your external aerial is out of position or has suffered damage you can experience issues. When you have a shared aerial, have a chat with your neighbours to see if they too are affected. If you aren’t sure if there is an aerial prior to installation then again, talk to those nearby or ask a landlord or property manager. 

They also advise that removing aerial amplifiers and splitters that aren’t required can optimise performance. 

How does Freeview compare to Freesat?

The major difference between the two service providers is that whilst Freeview works with an aerial the Freesat solution operates with a satellite dish. It offers over 170 channels with 20+ in HD. There’s storage on the set top recorders for 1000 hours worth of TV and you can  record 4 channels at the same time. Pause, record and rewind TV and enjoy on demand services.

The dream delivered

Can it possibly have been just 31 years since satellite became available and 23 since the last mainstream terrestrial TV channel was launched? Now look at us, spoilt for choice! How fantastic would it be to have an Android TV developed by Google with Google tools and installed in a big name brand TV with Freeview Play? Wait no longer, November 2020 has delivered perfection via Humax Digital. 

This is the only Freeview Play Recorder currently on the market: The Humax AURA UHD Freeview Play 4K Recorder’s primary benefits:

  • It’s powered by Android TV.
  • Google is a respected and popular brand.
  • Enjoy easy installation and set up. 
  • The capability to pause, record and rewind live TV.
  • There are over 85 channels. 15 of these are HD. 
  • A helpful 7 Day TV guide. 
  • Google Assistant and Chromecast are built in. 
  • The Aura app streams shows to different devices. 
  • Find excellent content easily.
  • UK viewers’ favourite apps in one convenient place. 
  • Voice control through Google Assistant.
  • Quick access is offered via a remote control key. 
  • The ability to record 4 shows at the same time whilst watching a 5th.
  • Storage capacity for 1000 hours of recorded content with the 2 Terabyte model. 500 hours memory with the 1TB version.
  • Set up recordings and reminders.
  • Watch streamed TV live and the recorded content via the Humax Aura app. Download for watching on the go. 
  • It features 3 tuners.
  • 2 USB’s.
  • Media server, plug and play USB.
  • A 2 year warranty.
  • Aerial not satellite.

Don’t settle for anything less than the most suitable, technology driven, consumer friendly and economic solution. Don’t you deserve the best?