Your server hosting can be a make or break for your online business. That is why it is considered a quintessential element. As such, it is only right for you to spend some time and effort in finding the right hosting service. It is imperative that you choose the provider that can efficiently meet the performance and security requirements dictated by industry standards.

While it is true that shared hosting is often the rule when it comes to hosting, it is not entirely a reliable choice in terms of security and uptime – qualities that only a dedicated server hosting can ensure. To understand why the latter is – and always will be – a superior choice, try to understand the benefits it can bring to your business.

Should You Move Forward With a Dedicated Server

It cannot be denied that shared hosting is cheaper than dedicated hosting. However, this does not mean that you cannot find a cheap dedicated server. Still, at the end of the day, the answer to this question relies on what plans you have for your site. If you just want to put up a simple blog, then you can go and choose a shared web hosting. But if you are going to launch an e-commerce site, it is ideal that you choose a dedicated server.

Anyway, as promised, here are the advantages of dedicated  hosting over shared hosting.

#1. Better Security

Dedicated hosting comes with a far greater level of hosting, which is simply its greatest benefit. There is no risk of you shared space with malicious websites or spammers. More importantly, you will not be trapped in the so-called “bad neighborhood.”

The enhanced security that only a dedicated hosting can offer is all the more essential for companies handling sensitive data and/or information. Besides, shared hosting environments are not deemed Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliant. The latter is basically a requirement for merchants that accept payments via credit cards. Also, dedicated server hosting is well-known for its efficiency against adware and malware.

#2. Customizability

People decide to move forward with a dedicated hosting because it gives them flexibility in terms of server configuration. Basically, this service gives you the advantage of configuring the server when it comes to CPU, disk space, RAM, or platform. A shared hosting, on the other hand, will force you to work with the current server environment. And since this environment is already loaded on the system, there is no way for you to perform customization whatsoever.

#3. Dedicated IP Address

Yes, that is right – a dedicated server hosting offers you a dedicated IP address. In other words, you will not have to worry about sharing the same IP address with other users or site owners. Their actions will not affect your site, thus preventing them from reflecting bad business reputation. Above all, you can say goodbye to the possibility of getting IP blacklisted.

Sharing your IP with a site geared towards adult content – or one that engages in consistent spamming – will tarnish your site’s reputation. What’s more is that it can negatively influence your search engine rankings, thus reducing your website traffic. Moreover, having a dedicated IP is needed in case you plan to put up an e-commerce business that processes payment through credit cards. Remember: This one right here will require you to have SSL certificates.

#4. Reliability and Performance

The reliability offered by a dedicated server hosting is also a benefit that directly comes from the fact that server resources will no longer have to be shared by more sites. Thanks to unrestricted access to these resources, server downtimes are almost impossible to happen. Or even if they do, the frequency is barely noticeable. As such, your website can gain increased visibility, thus improving visitor conversions.

Businesses that choose this type of hosting service will not even have to worry about managing their servers themselves. Why? That is because the hosting provider will do this task for them. In terms of performance, dedicated hosting is the go-to option for sites that have a lot of traffic. The latter is something that a shared hosting cannot easily handle.

#5. Technical Assistance and/or Server Management

In a dedicated server hosting, the way you use it is basically your prerogative – apart from limitations like spamming, of course. For instance, you have the freedom to run any applications and implement them accordingly. You may also activate special server security measures, all of which depend greatly on the types of applications and/or programs you use.

You will also love the advanced control panel that a dedicated hosting offers. That is because it comes with extreme convenience, allowing you to manage your site and different access features with ease. And if things do not go your way, say, you are stuck in the middle of technical difficulty or two, there is no need for you to worry. You can always rely on technical assistance (available round-the-clock) in order to overcome the current technical issue that is facing.