Unikrn.com has established itself as the number one place online for gamers to watch, bet and play their favourite Esports titles. Games such as League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Dota 2 have all shown how lucrative this industry can be, and plenty of people have begun clamoring around sites such as Unikrn for a slice of the action. 

Here’s four ways in which Unikrn can help you get ahead of the game and potentially add a bit more weight to your wallet. 

Esports Betting Markets

Unikrn is the home of some of the most diverse and competitive range of Esports betting markets in the world. Revolutionary in the way it presents wagering, Unikrn houses every single Esports title and every single match and competition within that community, allowing users to sit back and keep up to date with every second of the action via embedded livestreams of the games as they unfold. 

Unikrn’s innovative backend allows for instantaneous changes to the way the odds and markets fluctuate as the games develop, allowing for dedicated followers of the scene to really make the most of their wagering and get ahead of the curve. 

The markets at Unikrn extend further than just Esports however, with the site now boasting one of the most widespread and competitive sportsbook on the internet right now. Everything from soccer to table tennis is available at Unikrn, with a whole host of vibrant and varied markets available to every user. 

Users are also welcome to combine different bets together to form lucrative parlays and blend together their Esports and real-world sports knowledge. 

Unikrn Casino

One of the leading lights in how online casinos should be run, Unikrn’s casino takes the thrills of a real-world experience at the tables and presents them with all the modern aethstics of a leading digital platform. A fully licenced and operated online casino, there is a whole range of support structures for depositing, withdrawing and ensuring that every visit to the casino is a safe, secure and fun one. 

The world’s best operators have all assembled at this casino, and being welcomed with some of Unikrn’s generous offers could just help take your winnings the extra mile. 


The world’s first player vs. house skill gaming mode, Unikrn’s UMode allows players to take their love for gaming to the next level by placing wagers on themselves in their favourite games. Unikrn’s unique blockchain technology in the backend means that players are able to synch up their personal accounts to the site and choose from a variety of challenges unique to their game and place bets on how much they’re willing to back themselves.

Because it is player vs. house and only goes off the amount of hours a player has invested in a game and what level they’re at, UMode eliminates the traditional risks of sharks and hustlers and allows users to live out the dream of tasting the success of a pro player. 

Esports Tips 

Unikrn is also home to the world’s most on-point and successful Tipster in the competitive gaming community. The Esports Tipster has his very own tab on the Unikrn site and will regularly post updates and pointers for upcoming matches and tournaments for those looking to get ahead with their bets. 

What helps the Tipster stand out however is his ability to distinguish between a successful bet and a bet with real punchy value. It’s easy to pick between a favourite and an underdog, but that won’t deliver the sorts of wins needed to really stretch out a winning wallet. By reading up on some of the Tipster’s suggestions, players will stand a much better chance of picking out the hidden gems that will really go a long way in adding to their winnings.