The business environment today is very different from what it used to be just a few decades ago. Not too long ago, international trade was considered a complex and difficult task which could only be done by large multinational or multi-million-dollar firms. 

To a large extent, this was true – smaller firms were limited in their options for expansion and business development, as strategies required capital. Computers and digital technology were expensive when first introduced, and were only adopted by larger firms who could afford the expense. 

Today, modern technology has become so flexible and affordable that it gives SMEs the ability to do anything a larger firm can do. In fact, even very small businesses run by less than 5 people can have managed IT services in London for a business in Cairo catering to clients in Canberra. 

Through modern technology, the business world has truly become a global village. With every development in technology, business and commerce are becoming more dynamic.

Amid such an advanced digital global economy, the importance of a solid IT infrastructure and competent IT support service for both large and small businesses is paramount. Small to medium scale business comprise the bulk of the global economy with larger multi-nationals amounting to only a small percentage. 

Similarly, the SME sector is also the largest employer, providing jobs for billions of people worldwide. Individually, a small business may not seem like it’s making a big impact, but collectively SMEs are the most influential kind of business in the global economy. Small businesses have a positive impact on the physical environment they operate in, but to be effective in the digital marketplace they need the assistance of a competent IT support team. 

Due to the coronavirus lockdown, small businesses from all industries are being forced to find e-commerce solutions and evolve their organizational structure so it can be operated remotely. Even as lockdowns are eased and markets are beginning to open across the world, business is not quite the same, and business owners will have to find new ways to keep revenue flowing. 

The most natural path for SMEs to pursue is online markets and digital platforms. Unfortunately, cybercriminals know the online space is currently being flooded with new entrants who know little about digital security. Sadly, these companies are the best targets for these criminals. 

Since February of 2020, there has been a 667% increase in email attacks and an equally significant increase in other forms of cyber-attacks, with the majority of targets being small to medium-sized businesses.  

A good IT support service takes into consideration all aspects of a business’ operations and creates a holistic solution that gives them efficiency, productivity, economy, and security. While individuals can try to manage their own IT solutions, working with an experienced IT team includes immeasurable benefits for owners, employees, and the business itself.


IT support companies have worked with a variety of different businesses, and are not only familiar with commonly encountered problems, but know what the best methods are to overcome them. They know what kind of solution works best for each business and which suppliers and vendors for that software or hardware are best to use. By taking advantage of the experience of a trusted IT support provider, businesses can save a lot of time and money when designing and developing their digital setup.


CCTV networks, electronically stored backups, digitally created payrolls, inventory management systems, and web-based stores all have important information that need to be properly secured. A complete digital infrastructure is designed to manage and maintain the entire business setup, and making sure it’s safeguarded from potential threats is vital for survival. In the U.S., more than 60% of SMEs cease to exist within six months of a cyber-attack. Fortunately, an IT support team can professionally secure company data using the latest methods and educate employees on how to keep data safe in the future. 

Clarity in Approach 

IT support teams are experts in a diverse range of digital infrastructure needs, whether it’s set up, security, backup, or troubleshooting. By consulting with an IT support expert beforehand, businesses can create a system that’s secure and built keeping the business’s future requirements in mind. Often, upgrading one portion of the system means other components are no longer compatible and need to be upgraded, too. Creating a future proof system saves significant money and hassle. A well-planned system will have much better stability and will be constructed keeping future requirements in mind, making it easily upgradeable.

End Users

The employees – who are the end-users – will find it much easier to learn and implement a system under the supervision of an expert IT team rather than doing it themselves and learning through trial and error. An expert IT team can teach them how to take care of basic problems and troubleshoot minor day to day issues themselves. 

A structured learning program for employees will mean they’ll be ready to use and implement a system quickly. If the business has an in-house IT team or computer expert, they can work with the outsourced IT support team to learn about the system so it’s easier for them to administer and manage it later. 

All these factors combined create a streamlined digital environment that will make it possible for any organization to achieve continuous growth expansion. With a managed IT support team and structure in place, businesses can more efficiently handle changing market trends and continue to remain profitable and competitive.