We use our mobile phones for everything these days. There is almost nothing we can’t do, work, taking pictures, streaming, emails and even gambling. But after experiencing gambling on mobile compared to desktops, there’s only one winner. In this post, we’re going to show four reasons why it’s still better to gamble on desktop in 2021. 

1] Fewer Misclicks

Anyone who has gambled on their phone can attest to making accidental clicks. Our mobiles keep changing sizes but misclicks are still an annoying part of them that we can’t ignore. Whilst this is not a problem for tasks like texting, it’s less than ideal when it comes gambling. After all, a misclick in blackjack can see you hit on 20 or fold pocket aces pre-flop in poker. 

These misclicks are not just frustrating, they can potentially cost you money. This is something that is far less prevalent in desktop use. The mouse is far more flexible than a phone where our fingers are prone to clicking the wrong thing. 

2] Bigger Screen

This is my personal favourite. As a poker player, I want to be able to play on a larger screen and see the action develop. Playing poker on an app is very restrictive as everything is so much smaller. Having to squint to concentrate on who is making a bet is not a symptom of getting older, it’s because the poker software is crammed on a smaller screen. Using a desktop removes this obstacle as our screens are so much bigger. 

It also allows us to make use of resources like spreadsheets which are great tools for record stats. Trying to create a poker excel sheet on your phone is a nightmare as it takes ages. 

3] Easier for Multi-Tabling

This is less of an issue for the recreational gambler. If you only play one game at a time, you won’t be concerned with multi-tasking. Many serious gamblers are doing more than one thing at a time. This is certainly true for professional sports bettors and poker players. They want to have multiple sites and clients up. This is very easy to do on desktop but a chore on mobile. On a phone you need to be moving from one tab to the next, trying to make your wagers and bets without error.

4] Less Distractions

As awesome as our mobiles are, there are a lot of distractions that you can’t ignore. Most of us have notifications from our favourite sites or apps. This is in addition to notifications of email, voicemail, calls, texts, WhatsApp and Skype to name a few. Whilst they are great innovations and methods of communication, they can pose as distractions when real time gambling. Again, this is far less of an issue when gambling on desktop. In fact, if you don’t have email software up, you shouldn’t get any notifications when gambling on desktops.


This article has focused on why desktops are better than mobile, however, there are countless benefits to mobile gambling too. The convenience and ability to play anywhere can’t be overstated. Being able to switch between Wifi and 4G is a fantastic thing also as it means you are not bound by your internet provider.

Finally, the new apps offered by gambling companies are fast, efficient and allow us to process deposits and withdrawals extremely fast. In short, mobiles are great for gambling – I just think desktops are better.