Some businesses are victims of their own success. If you’ve managed to latch onto a successful strategy on social media, you may be tempted to ride that wave as far as it will take you. And while there’s nothing wrong with that, remember that the nature of social media (and business in general) is highly transitive. What worked for you two years ago, might not carry the same appeal for your customers in today’s market. The question then becomes: how do you breathe new life into your established social media projects? Fortunately, we’ll get you started with four fresh ideas to do just that:


Run a Promotion

People love free stuff. They loved free stuff in the past, and will continue to love free stuff well into the future. If you’re struggling to pick up likes and shares on your pages, consider running a promotion on one of your social media pages. It won’t take much to incentivize people to like your page; plus, this gives you a chance to reward loyal patrons who’ve done business with you in the past.


Repackage for Other Platforms

Maybe you’ve done as much as you can with a current Facebook campaign. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t get more returns from it on another site like LinkedIn, for instance. Taking the same basic idea and repurposing it for a different demographic and social media platform could save you untold hours of work –– and also help you grow your business on a new social media medium.


Update Old Posts

The re-release is something that most companies are too hesitant to attempt. If you’ve got a blog or piece of content that performed exceptionally well in the past, try rolling it out again on your social media pages –– with some timely additions and updates to it. Giving your customers a valuable resource with new information will likely rekindle engagement across your social media accounts.


Go Vertical

If you’ve got a product that can work for multiple industries, think about tailoring an old campaign toward a particular demographic or business-type. More and more entrepreneurs are searching for specialized commodities these days, and it’s no surprise to come across content advertising industry-specific products like a point of sale for pharmacies, or a phone system just for law firms. Don’t be afraid to get too detailed; rather than limiting your appeal, you’ll actually increase your chances of finding qualified leads with this strategy.


The Bottom Line

Occasionally, every business is forced to retire a once vibrant social media campaign. Still, before you decide to shelve your current model, make sure to give any or all of these ideas a try. After all, it could save your campaign –– and thus, save you lots of time, energy, and money!