Many social channels are getting their slice from the digital advertising pie. More people are hopping onboard the digital revolution. This explains why more people find themselves frequenting sites like Facebook and Instagram for their quick fix of the latest news and updates. This reason is also why there are lots of social channels to choose from where you promote your business and reach your target audience.

Two of the more recent social channels that popped up in the scene are Snapchat and Twitch. Both offer something unique to the table, and both are groomed to carry the torch of digital advertising in the future.

Snapchat and Twitch are visual social channels. While Instagram, Pinterest, and the like are also visual-driven platforms, they don’t compare to the features that both social channels provide primarily to businesses.

In this post, you will learn why Snapchat and Twitch are visual social channels that you need to leverage for your brand in future. It will also discuss the reasons that explain the value that both channels offer to your business and your customers.

Unique brand advertising

As mentioned earlier, Snapchat brings something fresh to the table. Among the many features that users can enjoy on Snapchat are the interactive filters. They can choose from countless of zany filters that let them add designs on their selfies.

Snapchat offers the possibility for users and businesses to create custom filters that meet their needs. This opportunity is something that brands can’t pass up especially if their target audience is millennials who enjoy taking pictures on their smartphones.

One of the brands that successfully leveraged sponsored filters to raise awareness about their brand further is Taco Bell during Cinco de Mayo in 2016. Using the Taco Bell filter on Snapchat, users can turn their heads into a hard shell taco. Based on views, the Taco Bell filter was a resounding success. It was viewed 224 million times in a day and usurped Gatorade’s Super Bowl campaign of 165 million views as the most viewed lens in 2016.

Connect people from different backgrounds and disciplines

Twitch is a different animal altogether. The platform allows people to connect and build a community through their passion for video games and popular culture. Users can stream the games they play so other users can watch and follow people. Viewers can then comment on the players and with other watchers, which creates a fun and interactive environment for gamers of all levels.

You can expect your favorite gaming platforms like the PS4, Xbox, and PC to have different channels that you can stream and watch. However, other games like online poker are making waves on Twitch. 888Poker collaborated with Hearthstone team Flow eSports to stream live online poker games to over 1.7 million viewers on Twitch.

Hearthstone is a free-to-play card video game developed by Blizzard Entertainments, makers of the Warcraft games.  The Flow eSports team are not only professional Hearthstone players, but they’re also very proficient poker players. The live stream of their poker event is an example of how a platform like Twitch connects people through their shared passion.

For non-gaming entities like Old Spice, they can leverage Twitch to further their quirky brand and engage with their followers. Through “Old Spice Nature Adventure,” users can control Nature Man as he will do what users ask him to do such as give antelopes a massage or cuddle with raccoons by the campfire. The live stream is a creative promotional campaign to market the brand’s Fresher Collection. At the same time, the game revels on the brand’s absurd yet fun sense of humor that fans of Old Spice will love.

Great niche volume potential

While Snapchat and Twitch are not household names like Facebook and Twitter are, both visual social channels have a captive audience in millennials or people under 34 years of age.

For such a targeted age group, Snapchat manages to attract six billion views a day from over 100 million active users, which is not too shabby. More importantly, the platform grew its view/send rate from 2 billion in May 2016 to 10 billion the following year!

Twitch, compared to other visual social channels, has a very promising growth rate. According to TwitchTracker, 2018 has a collective 42 billions minutes of views among its users, which is already 41.94% higher than last year as of writing. Its unique broadcasters and average views have increased by 59.25% and 29.88%, respectively.

The audience is waiting to see what happens next

As visual social channels, Snapchat and Twitch pave the way for more creative and exciting marketing campaigns for brands to engage with the younger audience. As seen from the examples above, it doesn’t matter what industry you’re in. As long as you know what makes your audience tick, then you can make an impression on two of the most impressive social platforms to date.