Managing your bankroll is just as important as choosing a reputable online casino, playing games you’re familiar with, and understanding the different ways operators offer withdrawals and in what currency they typically deal with. Outside freeware gaming, we’re constantly faced with online purchases that mean using due diligence in the way we spend, be that on an initial purchase, in-game virtual goods, or a poker bet at the casino table, means we manage our money pragmatically.

Take Emotion Out Of The Equation

When playing live casino games, particularly strategy-based games like poker, it’s crucial to take emotion out of the equation. The best poker professionals know how to separate their emotions from their game plan; it’s a skill in itself. There is such a thing as a “gamblers high” which occurs when you’re winning. But that doesn’t mean your luck’s in and you should throw all your money at the next spin of the slot machine reel or turn of the dealer’s blackjack card. The opposite can happen too, pushing you to spend more to seek a winning hand. Don’t let emotion lead your decision-making.

Withdraw Deposit

You’ve been playing for a while and now you’ve got more money in your account than you started with. You’ve made your deposit back and you’ve got “house” money to play with. One thing you can do is withdraw your initial deposit so you’re only able to play with your winnings. This will help keep emotions out of your in-game decision-making by giving you the comfort that you’re playing with money you didn’t originally have. It’s almost a feeling of being unable to lose. If you earn your deposit amount again, withdraw that amount again. That way, you’re always in control of your investment.

Know Your Limits

You wouldn’t buy a car you couldn’t afford, therefore you shouldn’t gamble more than you’re able to spend. It seems obvious but many gamblers fall into this trap when, for example, they’ve won some of the house’s money and let the “gambler’s high” take over their emotions. But knowing your limits and sticking to them will ensure the fun doesn’t stop. That includes playing games that work within your budget. Some use the 1% rule: take the total amount of your bankroll and never bet more than 1% on a single bet. And when making your initial investment, only gamble what you can afford to lose.

Keep On Top Of Things

As well as these tips, tracking your spend will also make you a more conscientious gambler. It can be easy to think you’ll remember but one deposit can become two or three in a month meaning you’re potentially playing with more money than you can afford. Tracking will “red flag” any overspend.

Taking these tips on board will give you more confidence to play casino games with a clear mind. That’ll ensure you keep your emotions out of your spending habits and never invest more than you can afford.