If you currently own a retail store, you may have had a harder time getting people into your physical location than ever before. But if this is the main way that you make your money, you’ve got to find a way to increase your foot traffic and get more customers through your doors. 

While advertising on or around your brick-and-mortar location can be helpful for those who are already out, you should also try to market to those who are still in the research part of the purchase funnel.

To help you see how this can be done, here are three online advertising tips that will bring more people into your store. 

Use Social Media Consistently

One of the best ways to advertise for your business, be it a retail store or not, is to use social media. 

Through the proper use of social media, you can pinpoint the exact type of customers you want to have seeing information about your business, which will increase the chances of you having a positive result from this form of advertising. 

As you’re planning your use of social media to get more people coming to your store, Matthew Hudson, a contributor to The Balance Small Business, reminds us that you have to be using social media consistently in order for this tactic to work. If you only post or communication via social media when you’re desperate for more people to come to your store, that desperation will likely be very obvious to your followers and may prove to backfire on you. 

Promote Events Or Contests

To entice a larger number of people to come into your store, Rieva Lesonsky, a contributor to Small Business Trends, suggests that you try holding an event or contest that you then promote online. Whatever kind of event or content you choose to hold, use online advertising in the form of email, sponsored ads, or your own social media posts to let your target market know what’s going on. In your advertising, make sure you inform everyone that they have to come into your store to enter or participate, as this will be the means of driving more traffic to your location. 

Focus On Retargeting Ads

Most of the time, it’s easier and more cost effective to market to previous customers than to find brand new customers. 

To easily access these people, Brent Barnhart, a contributor to SproutSocial, recommends that you try retargeting ads online. These ads can be set so they target returning customers and give nudges to them so as to encourage reactivation and return visits. If done correctly, retargeting ads could drive a lot more traffic back into your retail store.

If you’ve been searching for ways to get more people to come into your retail store, consider using these online advertising tips to help you accomplish this.