We live in the information society in which the vast majority of people is accustomed to consuming products of social media marketing. Digital promotion is a foreground part of any business advertising campaign. Luckily, there are huge monopolist social networks that unite users worldwide. They provide free means of delivering engaging messages to almost all types of audiences. Freepps.top prepared a list of essential social media apps for small enterprises of any field.

Facebook App

Facebook App is the official mobile version of the biggest social network on our planet. It’s userbase totals more than 2.32 billion of monthly active users. Unlike the Facebook messenger app, this one implies indirect posting of public messages from personal and corporate accounts. There are currently no restrictions to content except the common sense standards. This platform is perfect for public relations of companies which provide services in the B2B sector. Facebook app has a utilitarian design and a wide range of features for convenient user feedback research. That is why this app is indispensable for effective communication with a quality active audience as well as for attraction of potential clients to your growing business.

Instagram App

The market is overflowing with small B2C businesses that are focused on the production of goods, software and on the provision of various services. An Instagram application is the software client for mass distribution of visual content amongst Instagram users. This platform supports such posting formats as short videos, photos, video and photo stories with optional interactive elements, and live video broadcasting. All these options have varying efficiency levels of impact on different audiences. It means, that a small company can use Instagram App to examine the target audience to adjust proper strategy and to increase annual sales. Latest IT news reports say that Facebook’s SEO Mark Zuckerberg decided to merge Facebook and Instagram, so it’s time to master both apps. A total number of users will be about 4.2 billion.

Twitter App

The last social tool of this list by Freepps.top is Twitter App. Similarly to Instagram, this social network is mostly used on mobile platforms. Its main function is mass public distribution of short text messages or informative images. Along with Facebook and Instagram, Twitter is one of the best business intelligence apps. It’s extremely simple to track user activity and to figure out public opinion about certain announcements of a company. At the same time, it’s a highly convenient tool for posting daily news in brief sentences. A community of Twitter is quite mixed, so it is suitable for small businesses from both the B2B and B2C sectors.

Each of these 3 applications deserves a separate book with details. Indeed, business owners must approach to social networks with patience. It’s a difficult and complex task to launch an effective business account in any social network. That’s why it is advisable to resort to help of professional social media marketers. Such employees are very expensive, but they can help to launch a successful long-playing campaign on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.