The benefits of screen sharing make for a long list. After all, it fits with so many old adages: seeing is believing, a picture is worth a thousand words … you get the idea. The reason why screen sharing is so effective is simple. Showing is always more effective than telling, and screen sharing goes beyond a simple photo or pre-recorded video. It’s interactive, and it puts the information you’re trying to get across directly in front of the viewer. The result is incredible engagement on many levels. Here’s a look at some of the many different ways it’s being utilized.

Troubleshoot Issues With Clients

When a customer has a problem with software, the last thing the company wants is for the customer to submit a refund request. Often, the struggle has resulted from the customer not reading the documentation or not completing an orientation program. That means getting the customer familiar and comfortable with the software is likely all it will take to make him or her happy.

In a situation like this, screen sharing is the perfect tool. Enabling the tech support team to walk clients through their own interfaces in real time, screen sharing will let the clients see exactly where to find different features and what they should be doing in order to achieve their goal. They can ask questions as the questions occur to them, and the team will be able to clarify instantly, in a way that directly demonstrates what needs to be done.

This is also pertinent for accountants who help businesses keep track of the books. With bookkeeping being a difficult and complex task, business owners can certainly face challenges in sorting through the reports and analytics their companies depend on. Accountants can hop on for a screen-sharing session and quickly guide them through the information available to them.

Consult With Patients More Effectively

One area that’s currently under study is the use of screen sharing for dentistry, general health, and other elements of the health-care industry. The average doctor is quick to use a computer to input patient notes, look up case information, and complete other necessary tasks. So, with the advent of telehealth, screen sharing can prove beneficial in multiple forms.

Screen sharing can improve engagement and efficiency for consultations and other types of visits. A doctor can use a screen-sharing tool to help walk the patient through X-rays and informational pieces and even deliver education and training about conditions, at-home care, and other relevant topics.

Stay in Touch With Your Loved Ones

We are using technology in countless ways to help stay connected to friends and family members, regardless of how far they may be from us. Screen sharing is another tool that can help us foster such connections, whether sharing a game or collaborating on homework or even a project for work.

Ultimately, screen sharing can be used in many different ways at personal, educational, and professional levels to improve communication and collaboration, no matter how far apart people may be. That make it extremely effective, hence its ever-increasing popularity.