Giving your kids an iPhone is actually a good decision. With that gadget, you can easily communicate with them. Your kids also can use it to find useful information and learn many things. But, as parents, you still need to control what your kids can and can’t access through their gadget. Therefore, you need a good app to monitor iphone activity . Below, we have several choices of apps you can try.

Famisafe App

This app has the ability to let you find out your kids’ phone location. That way you can find where they are whenever you need. You also can use it to monitor what kinds of apps in your kids’ iPhone that they use. That’s not all. Through Famisafe, that app also can be blocked, if you think that’s not an appropriate app for your kids. Other than that, you also can control what kind of website content that your kids can open.

This app is available at App Store as well as Google PlayStore. Therefore, if you give your kids an Android phone, you can still use this app to do the monitoring. Moreover, this is a FREE app.

mSpy App

as one of the most popular iPhone monitoring app, this app offers useful features that can help you to protect your kids. One of the most interesting features is the geo-fence. With this feature, you can create a specific filter that can protect your kids from harmful content easily.

The keylogging tracker is also another good feature in this app. This feature gives you full control to most of the iPhone functions, where you installed this app. So, you can determine what kinds of app that your kids can access or the website that they can open.

This app is available for both, iOS and Android. And, unfortunately, this isn’t a free app. For the basic version, you must pay $8.33 per month. And, for the premium version, the monthly fee is $16.67.

Highster Mobile App

Many parents use this app for monitoring their kids’ iPhone. The reason is clear. You can find all the useful features in this app for your kids’ protection. For example, you can track your kids’ iPhone location through its GPS tracking feature. You also can access your kids’ iPhone calling log. That way you can find the information about the person that your kid’s called as well as received.

The price for Highster Mobile App is quite expensive. You need to pay for $69 for the lifetime support and an extra $30 for the technical support. But, from our perspective, that’s worth to pay. this app gives you many benefits for protecting your kids.


Those 3 apps are great apps you can use to monitor iphone activity. The best of all, you don’t need to do the jailbreak process on your kids’ iPhone to install those apps. So, you don’t need to worry about the damage that can occur because of that process. Now, you can really protect your kids from any harmful thing.