There are many tools in Internet marketing. Every day new ones appear and some old ones die. But there are tools that have become classic. We will talk about them.

It all starts with the site and landing but this is not all. The site must be neat, so it is nice to look at. Sites with different fonts, red paragraphs, curve layout and scary pictures will not work. It doesn’t matter how much traffic you drive to this site, the result will tend to zero if it’s untidy.

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So, the site is ready. What to do next? The list will be useful for those who do not know whether he has implemented everything on the site, where to start and what to strive for. Do you use all the useful marketing tools? Let’s check!

  1. Acceptance of online payments.
  2. Online consultants.
  3. Instant callback services.
  4. Service for returning visitors.
  5. Discounts
  6. Recommended products.
  7. Promotional tags.
  8. Promotional codes.
  9. Countdown timer for stocks.
  10. Lead form.
  11. Order in 1 click.
  12. Selling triggers.
  13. Analytics for visits.
  14. Enlarged images of goods in the catalog.
  15. Filters of goods by product groups and characteristics.
  16. Search and sort by product catalog.
  17. SEO site settings.
  18. Service promotion.
  19. Remarketing from Google.
  20. Mail on the domain.
  21. Customer reviews.
  22. Showing the address on the map.
  23. Additional domains.
  24. E-mail distribution by customers.
  25. Social network buttons.

Almost all of these tools are universal, intuitive, and suitable for any online store. Use tools comprehensively. Think over the channels to attract the audience to the site, ways to increase the conversion of the site, ways to “weatherize” customers. And, of course, work on repeat sales. If you are not using any of this yet, inject a few mouse clicks right now and increase sales! Good luck!