Promotion is an important part of marketing Campaign in a business. Don’t you agree? However innovative your product is, marketing is the tool that will take your product to your targeted audience. Marketing can make or break a product.

There are so many traditional and new age marketing techniques that have taken a product to its success. Marketing techniques have also changed over the years. Adapting to new trends is what makes marketing flexible. Now marketing agencies are promoting products using social media handle, as people spend more than 135 minutes in a day. See using such new-age techniques will increase the visibility of your product among masses.

So one of such marketing techniques that have been in the market for a long time is bulk SMS. This service is tried and tested, it produces great results no doubt in it. For people who think this service is old school and people stopped using it, no you’re wrong it is still around an delivers the same benefits as before.

Mobile will stay rooted to its place in everybody’s life. In both your professional and personal life it plays a huge part. True that it had made your life easy. That is why mobile is best to promote your products.studies prove that when you use SMS service response from people to your product is high and fast. This service is amazing as it offers you so many benefits but one thing people should understand is that although bulk SMS service makes your work easy, following  SMS marketing Etiquette will take your marketing to next level.

So here are 10 benefits that will prove to you why bulk SMS techniques should be a part of your marketing strategy.

Cost Effective & high ROI

Bulk SMS marketing is hands down cheapest compared to other marketing techniques. You can even save a lot by opting to this service. By ordering bulk SMS at a time you can even get discounts from the company. This service is suitable for any type of business, be it large or small. Especially for small business, as they work on a budget constraint. These type of low budget campaigns will help them to stay in budget. As they reach in no time they yield high ROI compared to other techniques. You can opt for a plan according to your business size and upgrade it when necessary.

Reaches target audience in no time

One of the best benefits of bulk SMS techniques is it reaches the targetted audience in no time. In most of the campaigns, you wouldn’t know whether your intended message has reached the audience or not. But with this service you know that your audience will receive the message immediately once you click send button. People actually open SMS and read them, so this proves that bulk SMS will definitely send your message across to your audience. You can even create groups for people separately and send messages only intended for them with it.

Reliable & Fast

It is fast. Within minutes you can even send your message to so many people. Once your targetted audience receives your message, they may even revert back quickly if they like your product. This service is a trusted source. As they are sent through a telephone company there is too little chance of committing mistakes. Your message will reach your audience fast through a trusted channel.

Opening rate

90% of texts are read and opened by people. Whereas in emails the open rate of a mail is less than 25%. 50% or above open their text messages within in minutes after sending. It gives more opening rate compared to other channels. A high opening rate can actually play a key role in your marketing plan. How? You’re wondering. Imagine you have used this service to promote your products or offers. Once your audience has opened and read your message they may revert back to you if they like your deal.

Increases sales

SMS marketing services are an ideal approach to increase your sales. This enables companies to promote their products, offers and services efficiently. Your audience can learn about new products or services within seconds after the message is sent. So this service offers higher conversion rate compared to all other techniques. Your audience reacts faster and you can grab your lead and convert him into your customer quickly. And you can even create a buzz regarding your new deals.

Simple marketing

Compared to any other marketing techniques like tv ads, radio ads, billboards, telecalling etc. Bulk SMS marketing method is simple and easy. You won’t be irritating your customers with constant calls when they are busy or try so hard to grab their attention. Once you send your message you’re assured that your customer will open and read to your message for sure. If your customer is busy in a meeting or any other important stuff once he gets back to his mobile he will definitely see your SMS.

Customers favourite

Bulk SMS marketing strategy helps you in serving both your existing and new customers. You can create groups for all your existing customers and new customers so whenever your company launches any new products or offers a new deal you can then information relating to them. And receiving a special message from your company may even make them feel valued. Companies who follow SMS services are respected by their customers. They prefer bulk SMS as it is easy. All they have to do is click on the message and view the order.

Elevate your productivity

Bulk SMS can help you improve productivity. You can even send a set of SMS to your clients and customers at a time. This way you don’t need to spend all day writing emails to people. With one click hundreds of messages are sent. cool right? SMS marketing is a traditional way to connect with your audiences.

It will build trust and with the bulk SMS, you can save a lot of time and money. It is not only the easiest way of promotion but also increases your productivity which will help you concentrate on other important issues relating to your business.

No filters

Email marketing has low reach because most of your emails will end going into your customer’s spam folders. But with SMS marketing you don’t have to worry about it. Since mobiles have no Spam folders. Your customers will definitely see your message until and unless they placed their phone on don’t disturb mode. Since mobiles have no filters you audience will message will for sure reach your audience.

Stay connected with targeted customers

Keeping in touch with your target customers is a great way to build and maintain a long-term relationship. Intimate your customers whenever you launch a new product or service. Sending festival and birthday wishes can make a customer feel even special. Bulk SMS service can effectively increase your brand value and trust. Also, helps to stay connected throughout the journey.

  • Always thank your ideal customers
  • Do something great for them
  • Follow them on social media platforms
  • Request them for feedback