The modern communication era has began roughly in the year 1971 or 1978 when Ray Tomlinson sent the first email. The message was merely a series of letters and numbers that resembles a password but it has a profound significance.  Furthermore, after a few years, Gary Thuerk sent the first commercial email, where the message reached a segmented list of email address. And guess what? Email marketing was born.

At present, everyone is overwhelmed with email marketing. The impact of a well-designed message can help you connect with your targeted audience, increase brand awareness and thereby increasing sales. In fact, you can do many things with emails like sell products, tell stories and share news. Thus, email marketing is an effective way to communicate about your business products. Moreover, 1000s of business across the world and all sizes use email marketing. As a business owner, you need to send effective content to the customers and communicate with them on time. Sending bulk emails takes time and effort, to make that job easy email automation has come up.


What is Email Marketing Automation

Email automation is a sending message across the customers, the action triggered email with relevant information on a particular day and time.To simply put, automating your email process and make your work easy.  Automation is effective for numerous marketing needs. It can be for nurturing leads, sending greetings to have a personal touch or any updates that make your audience to keep in touch. Email automation makes email more personalized, relevant and efficient.

Thus email automation increases and retains customers, repurchase rates. According to statistics, there is an increase of 5% customer retention where a company is at profits by 75%. Hence,  automate this process by using emails and focus on getting more leads. For this, you need to know a few email marketing tips that are listed below.


Do you want to boost the click through, open rates and reduce unsubscribe rates? For this, digital marketers are segmenting their potential and sending the emails. This inturn improves the effectiveness of the email marketing campaigns. Segmenting emails offers a customized experience. According to research, personalized emails delivers 10X higher transaction rates. Segment your list based on

  • New Subscribers, many companies uses email automation to remind their subscribers about the benefits of using their products.
  • Know your customer preferences and ask them when they want to receive their emails.
  • Based on location, send your subscriber’s the message and update them about the events in their specific area.
  • Open rate
  • Lead magnet
  • Opt-in frequency
  • Purchase history

By segmenting your lists, you can communicate directly and increase engagement and sales.

Write a compelling subject line

The journey of email starts with your subject line. This is where the open rates will be determined. Busy people ignore the email when the subject line is not catchy. According to statistics, 47% of smart marketers use A/B testing to test different email subjects and optimize the emails’ performance. So, you as an email marketer always perform A/B test or split tests with 4-5 subject lines.

When writing a compelling subject line keep it short, crisp and mobile-friendly headlines. Use only 50 characters as people only scan the subject line and will not read the rest. For example, if you’re sending any order confirmation you can write the subject lines like “Order#1345890345456 is being confirmed and processed.” But remember to keep on testing your emails even after you’ve found the winning subject line. As people’s trends and tastes being changed and today’s winner may be the next day’s loser.

The timing of the email

When is the last time you have sent an email and it got opened? In fact, this is the prime question every email marketer has to pose for themselves. Though there is no best times and days as such, getting the right timing is crucial. It impacts open rate, traffic, engagement  and click-through rates.Some say it has to be Sunday at 10 a.m., and others say it is early morning on Monday. But at the end of the day, every business owner aim is to craft an email little different which works brilliantly for one brand many not work for another. It has to suit your segmented lists, and their preference timings. They have their preferable timings that guarantee better relationship and results.

Use plain-text instead of HTML

Everyone nerds about HTML emails. It can be assessing or investigating amazing messages to share, or writing tips and tricks to successfully build relationships. Focus on plain text which is personalized. If you want to have HTML code, then use it carefully and sparingly.


Write content that is relevant and personalized

Ensure that the emails provide all the useful information which your subscriber’s doesn’t have. It has to solve their problems. Imagine that you’re having a face-to-face conversation and ask questions about any product, situation or event. Don’t just boast about your company or product and follow a strict formula. It’ll swiftly bore the boots of your subscribers. Use the persuasive word ‘you’ and develop a natural voice. Consider emails as medium for conversing with your targeted audience.


Include proper CTA

The primary aim for any email conversation puzzle is giving readers a captivating reasons for clicking. Don’t leave you readers in doubt. Tell them about the next step. CTAs are just like a climax of your compelling story.  The end of the story will always tell what happens at the peak.This is how email conversions also works.  Hence include a CTA in every mail that goes to your segmented subscribers. Make sure that the CTA which you link redirects you to the landing page that compliments to the email content and have a cohesive experience. Split test various CTAs and try placing the buttons at different places. Use appealing words and phrases like “Buy-now”, “Learn-more” etc. Who knows this may result in various click rates.


A/B testing is also termed as split testing, is a way to check which of the two options are effective in terms of open rates and click-through. That’s what there should be a necessity for continuous and regular testing. Instead of trying out the best idea in terms of you, send two versions of the same message which you want to test. You can do A/B testing for the following few aspects

Subject line

From address and

Email content

For instance, test the subject line to measure whether % or $ sign works for your subscriber. Test the similar subject line with or without any emoticons or emojis.

Always preview text

If you’re like most of the digital marketers, you put a lot of efforts, thoughts and time for crafting amazing emails. That’s why preview text is here. Preview text is sometimes referred to as preheader. It is a snippet of the text that appears below the email subject line in email programs. This can be used to improve delivery rates and know how your message looks in subscribers inbox.

Don’t forget the preview text as it piques the reader’s interest and allures them to read beyond the subject line. For mobile users, the preview text helps in determining whether or not the email is worth opening. It is also essential to note that, if you make a promise in the headline, follow throughout the content and particularly in preview text. Use this snippet and give a solid idea about what the email is all about. If it’s helpful and intriguing, there are high chances of opening it. Remember the key phrase “Short and brief is better”.

Have auto-responses

When attracting leads through emails, it is crucial to recognize the lion’s share of revenue that comes from auto-responses. This mainly asks customers to take action and finalize the transactions. For instance, if you’re ordering any item from an eCommerce website, then it automatically directs to the shopping cart. These automatic responses trigger the email which is critical to any marketing campaign.

So, personalize and make sure to tie it to your main campaigns. This interactivity reserves you for lead generation. Many businesses advanced their technologies and have come up with this feature. Agile CRM’s email solution holds and has auto respond functionality that makes sure customers receive follow-up at a selected date and time.

Measure clicks

How do you analyze the success of any email marketing campaign?  You can say it through great metics like spam rates, open and click. But there is always a prime feature called subscriber engagement. What does your subscriber click after landing on your page? What pages are they visiting? Do they spend more time on any particular page or bounce back immediately? Are they purchasing the items on your web page?

For all this, the answer is measuring the results. Good marketers accurately analyze it, but the great ones attribute it and use automation tools. They add tracking to your links and know how many subscribers clicked the links you have provided in the email you sent. This will help in deciding the areas of interest and used in creating winning campaigns further. Be consistent in doing, track the results for one or two weeks in the future as well. By tracking results you’ll understand about the readers reading or buying habits also.


Email marketing Workflow

After knowing the tips, it is important to understand the workflow which helps in successful campaign. An email workflow is a number of emails that trigger based on the subscriber list or behaviour. These are helpful to generate a series of automated emails and accomplish the goals. For instance onboarding the new consumers and nurturing the leads. The customer journey continues from the starting till the end and makes a next step. You can now set up the email workflow based on the data you have about the subscriber’s list in the marketing database. The workflows are created for

  • Pageviews
  • Contact properties
  • Social media or email clicks
  • Content downloads
  • Visits, forms and click submission
  • Subscription to your blog
  • Reawaken inactive contacts or any of the combinations of these and more

Amidst, keep track of your emails and measure the outcome.


Whether you’re a small business owner or a marketer start to automate your email marketing process to save costs, time and increase the ROI. On average, there are 49% of companies that utilizes this option of marketing automation which includes even B2B companies. The starting step is the right way to set up marketing automation strategies and tips. Initiate by defining the goals and know what you want to achieve through email marketing automation and reach out to new and existing customers. The above-mentioned tips are useful in boosting the sales figure and determining the objective before proceeding further.