Which hosting are you using for your website? Wondering how many types of hosting are available? There are about 8 types of web hosting available for your business to choose from. Web hosting is an internet service that allows organisations and individuals to make their website available to the public through world wide web.

Tried using VPS Hosting for your business? VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting is a private server but it shares one physical server with others. Even though they share the single server resources, they are allocated with a piece of dedicated computer resources.

Why VPS?

VPS is created using virtualisation software. Even if it is housed from the same physical server, it is independent of it. Over the years, VPS hosting has become the best hosting option for businesses. Offering the best features at an affordable price is what makes VPS desirable.    

Here are 10 benefits of choosing VPS as your hosting

  1. Reliability

VPS is independent although it shares resources of physical servers. It is more reliable compared to shared hosting. However, with Shared hosting serves one customer’s computing, traffic or other activities can affect others. With VPS, even if your website is experiencing high traffic it would not get affected. Since it is your private server dedicated only for you. This may help you in making your website better and it provides you with options to choose whatever application you want to run.

  1. Performance

VPS increases the performance of your website. As it is independent of any server even though it shares resources from the main server. As your provider will provide your VPS with a certain amount of resources. As your not sharing the main server with any of other clients of your provider. Your website will not suffer due to their traffic or any other issues. Which clearly increases your website’s performance.

People have a tendency to like things that are fast. If your website takes minutes to load, people are more likely to close your website. With VPS you won’t be facing such issues and in the end, it just improves traffic to your website. It increases engagement which ultimately leads to an increase in sales.

  1. Cost-effective

Technological advancements and increased usage of the internet gave birth to a lot of new small and large businesses. With every blooming online business, increases concerns on which type of hosting servers to use, how much would they cost and would they be worthy. Solution to all your worries is VPS. VPS is rented, so you only pay for features you require and it is definitely worth it as it costs less compared to other hosting servers.

  1. Control

VPS allows you to have complete control over your website. You have complete control on how your website runs and what applications you want to run. No application from other parties can shut yours. Like a shared hosting server, your website won’t suffer when all the resources from the main server are used by other parties. With VPS you have sole control over how your server is configured and used.

  1. Portability

While physical servers lack the portability and speed with which an application is moved over to another server. VPS benefits include portability of the application. VPS accounts managed by the service providers as server images. When you decide to down or upgrade your server, your image will be moved to a new server in no time by the service provider.

  1. Security

Security is the biggest concerns for any business going online. As every day we’re seeing new scams on data theft, so it is important to keep your data safe. This is why companies think so much before outsourcing their server needs. But with VPS, security concerns are also answered. It creates a partition and saves your data and source files making it unavailable for other users on your main server. VPS allows you to maintain your physical server without any investment.

  1.  Add new serves

As small business starts to grow, it’s requirements also grow. Growth Spurts are a common occurrence in both offline and online business. With growth, they see that their prospects are getting uncertain and volatile. VPS is a perfect solution in such situations, you can add new VPS serves whenever you need. You can add or delete server with respect to your demands. You don’t have to think of investment as it is not going to cost too much. You just have to keep the VPS overhead when you have the revenue to back it.

  1. Flexibility

Businesses are started with growth in mind. But not every business is started big some start as small businesses but grow immensely over time. And small businesses are even very tight on budget. So owning a physical server is not that economical option to them. As it may cost them a lot and it is not necessary right now for them. But while they grow they may need a hosting server with many features. With VPS, they can start as small as they want and add servers on demand when necessary. VPS provides flexibility to its users. Even if your business suddenly goes downhill, you can change your VPS plan as per your budget.

  1. Fully managed service and software independence

Most hosting companies offer complete VPS hosting, which means they take complete responsibility on behalf of you. Amazing right, now you don’t even need to worry about managing your server. A good hosting company will regularly update your hardware, operating system and virtualise your software. They will also put security patches for you. To add one feather to VPS benefits cap, it allows you to choose the type of OS that satisfies your needs. This is a huge thing as it is not possible in a shared environment as you have to use the same server as your peers.

  1. Dedicated Resources and cloud data backup’s

With VPS your server will have resources designated completely for it. No sharing, the CPU, RAM and disk space you get with VPS is way more than shared hosting. Not only that it even answers your backup concerns in case of emergency. Backup is an essential part of any hosting solution. VPS offers backup solution which can be automated and scheduled as per your business needs.