If you want to use your phone while traveling internationally or you are just fed up with the service of your current provider, then knowing how to unlock, or jailbreak, your phone is an important skill to have.

When your phone is locked you can only use it with a certain company; however, when the phone is unlocked, it can be used with any company including international servers which can prove invaluable when trying to avoid the astronomical international fees that many American providers charge.

Unlocking your phone can also help you chase deals from provider to provider without getting locked into long, expensive contracts. Sound too good to be true? Don’t worry – it’s perfectly legal according to the Library of Congress Copyright Office.

No matter how you look at it, there are many benefits to unlocking your Samsung phone and here are a few ways to go about doing it.

1.Call Samsung Directly

Samsung will likely gladly unlock your phone if your contract has been terminated. However, if that is not the case, you will likely have a harder time, but if you explain that you need the device to be unlocked for travel or business needs, then the company may make an exception. Otherwise, they may charge an early termination fee or not allow you to go through with the unlock at all in which case you may want to consult some of the other options below.

 2.Use a Device Unlock Application

To use a device unlock app, first make sure you first have your phone’s IMEID number. This device identification code can easily be found by dialing *606#. After typing that in, a fifteen-digit code should appear. Then, provide this number when prompted by the app. Then you should receive an unlock code shortly. After that, you will just have to turn off your phone, switch SIM cards, ensure you are connected to the new network, and you are good to go!

The app you use will depend on your current network. For example, the best device unlock for MetroPCS phones is the official unlock app that’s already pre-installed on your device. There are more unlock apps available on the Google Play Store, but be careful – not all of these are legitimate, so be sure to do your research beforehand.

3.Reach Out to the Carrier You Want to Switch To

 Some carriers will be more than happy to help you get out of your old contract if it means more business for them, and especially if it means less business for one of their rivals. For this plan to work, the carrier you are switching to has to have the same network type as the one from which you are switching. Make sure to research this before placing a call.

4.Seek Unlock Codes Online

 This method can be very hit or miss, but it has been shown to work on occasion. Unlock codes tend to more readily available for older models of phones because manufacturers tend to release them after a certain amount of time has passed.

So, if you have a brand-new phone, then you may want to try some of the above options first. If you do not have much luck finding a code, then you can also try to unlock it manually using individualized methods depending on the phone model. These techniques can also be found online as the internet holds a wealth of knowledge.


Hopefully, you have found the above tips useful if you have been considering unlocking your Samsung phone from the comfort of your own home. Once your phone is unlocked, you will have much more freedom with it which will likely make your phone using experience much more enjoyable. While none of the methods above are foolproof, they each have their strengths. Consider which method may work best for you, then give it a try!