Essay writing is a compulsory task in college. Thus, it is essential, you as a student know how to write a college essay. This is because it has a vast reflection on your performance. To be good at it, you need to equip yourself with the efficient essay writing skills. Essay writing service like will help you know how to develop artistic essay topics to write about as well as produce a good paper. Your essay needs to have a particular structure and resemble the instructions your professor or instructor requires. As a student, you may fail to understand the instructions of your essay assignment thus make mistakes while writing your paper.

When writing your college admission essay, you need to select creative college essay topics. Most college students do not know how to select the appropriate topic for their articles. Thus, this gets to affect their acceptance chances. You need to know some of the college essay topics to avoid when writing your paper. According to TopWriterList, below is a list of what not to write about in a college essay.

Expressing how lucky you are

You may be living or leading your life in an affluent household. You get to enjoy all the privileges and perks that come along with it. It is not bad. But, you do not need to share it in your college essay. No one needs to know how fortunate and lucky you are. Sharing or expressing such information will make it sound like you are bragging. Additionally, your paper will seem boring hence it will not attract the interest of the audience.

Topics which talk about somebody else

When writing a college application essay, you need to ensure you include information which will help the admission officers know more about you. A personal essay should not put the focus on somebody else. Hence, you need to refrain from choosing topics which talk about someone else. You can write about someone who has an influence on your life. But, if not, ensure you describe them in a succinct manner. A big portion of your paper should focus on you. It should also show the contribution this person has on your personality or decisions. Additionally, in a corresponding manner, something to avoid when writing essays is talking about relationships. You do not need to share your love life with the college admission officers. How much you love your parents, relatives, or the significant other should not matter when writing your essay. Your paper should be about you.

Your passion for helping others

Helping other people is not wrong. It is comprehensible that majority college students love helping the poor or needy which is great. But, when it comes to writing your paper, you do not need to talk about it. This is because many other students may state it in their college application essays. Hence, this can affect your acceptance chances. Academic writers at always say, that your paper needs to stand out among other articles. It should not encompass the same information other students have in their essays.


You do not need to try and sound humorous when writing your paper. Your paper can have a funny story which is okay. But, this depends on the type of essay you are writing about. You may be funny for a reason or because you are trying to be. Additionally, your wit or humor should come in a natural manner. Contrariwise, if it does not, you do not need to force it. The audience will come to realize what you are trying to achieve in the end.

Unlawful or illicit activities

It is evident that people know most of the illegal or illicit activities. Thus, when writing your paper, you do not need to remind them. Your paper needs to include information about you. Incorporating information about drugs, sex, alcohol abuse, and arrests will make the audience judge you. They will question the decisions you have been making now or in the past. You need to steer clear of such topics even if they are life issues you are battling with. These are some of the risky college essays you need to avoid writing about.

Fabrications and exaggerations

Many students feel the pressure of making their essays as interesting as possible. They try hard to make their articles stand out by writing topics no one knows much about. But, finding the ideal topic poses a great challenge to most of them. Hence, they opt to fabricate lies and exaggerate. You do not need to do this. It is easy for the audience, the college admission officers, to know whether you are lying or not. This will exhibit a poor image of your ethics and scruples. The main purpose of a college admission essay is to help the admission officers know much about you. Embracing fabrications and exaggerations in your paper will sell you out. Thus, it will affect your acceptance opportunity in a negative manner. You need to show your true self when writing your paper. Do not fabricate lies and exaggerate things.

Fighting an injury obtained from sports

When writing your paper, you may want to share how you are battling an injury you have from playing your favorite sport. But, this will not get you far. This is because there are some students who have overcome worse experiences. Additionally, you may be trying to seek sympathy from the audience. Moreover, it will also show that you do not have something substantial to talk about. Writing college essays about sports is not bad but you need to think of something significant in your life and include it in your paper.


You can be a creative, smart, and confident student when it comes to essay writing. You know how to approach your articles in an appropriate manner. Thus, you do not experience challenges when writing your paper. But, you need to prepare yourself to write what you want in a college admission essay which is not your first choice. You do not need to show off your writing skills. Be simple and ensure you write something which will grant you an opportunity to joining that college.


Tragedies and calamities such as death and divorce are inevitable. Writing an essay on such topics can be quite difficult. This is because they may trigger some emotions in you which you do not want to share. They may also have some impacts in your life. So, if you do not want to write about them, ensure that your paper focuses much on you. Think about the feelings regarding the situation, the effects, and lessons instead of recalling the whole encounter.

Issues your favorite celebrity faces

College admission officers do not need to know about the issues facing your favorite celebrity. They may not have the same perceptions as you. Furthermore, this essay should be about you. Writing an essay about your favorite celebrity show that you put much focus on them. Hence, this can affect your college admission opportunity. When writing your essay, ensure you incorporate something which comes from your heart and it is about you.

In conclusion, when writing a college admission essay, you need to ensure the information you include will affect your acceptance chances in a positive manner. The college admission officers need to see what makes you unique and stand out from other students. Hence, you need to choose a good topic for your paper. Above are some bad college essay topics you should avoid.