For a business to grow worry-free, it must anticipate its growth. Indeed, as some non-optimized tasks may not appear to be an issue at first, it might become so when the company gets bigger. For this reason, it is imprtant to get some very useful tools before they actually get needed, so that you won’t run out of time when you come to it.

Internal tools

Useful business tools can be split in two categories : internal and external tools. Let’s start with internal tools, as they are probably the most important. If your business runs worry-free internally, it will automatically attract external stakeholders.

Accountancy tool

One of the first tool you need to get is an accountancy tool. Es you start your business, you probably won’t bill very big orders and will tolerate mistakes. But when you company gets bigger, you’ll start charging many fees, launch special offers and discounts, keep a balance for some clients… things can quicly get messy, so remember to anticipate all these issues thanks to the appropriate tool. One we like to recommand is Expensify.

Internal communication tool

The second most important tool to have in your business is an internal communication tool. Of course, you won’t need it until you have at least two employees in your company, but when you come to this point, you usually already don’t have much time left to help your business grow.

Business insight tool

Another internal tool that might become useful during your company growth is a business insight tool, like Owler. This kind of tool cowdsources business insights in order to help you prospection for instance.

External tools

Once your internal processes are well fixed, you may come to think about extarnal tools.

Marketing tool

The most important external tool to get is a marketing tool. It will help you in many ways. For instance, it will help you create newsletters and mailing lists that will allow you to target a larger public. Once you manage to win’s these new potential clients loyalty, you can also use online survey services like this one here to get your customers feedback and help you define your next strategies.

Social media management tool

Social media management tools are also essential when it comes to improve your brand awareness. You want to be seen everywhere at any time by as many people as possible. For this purpose, nothing is better than social medias.

Project management tool

Finally, remember that when you will have many employees, it will be even more difficult to change processes. So even if a project management tool becomes useful only later in your company growth, don’t forget to get used to it during your first steps, otherwise it will be much harder to take in hands.