In this post we want to go even deeper into the editing of videos, which are the favorite content of users and the format that is generating the most relevance and attention on social networks. Wondershare filmoraGo is a very simple and intuitive video editing tool, with which you can work both on your PC and from your smartphone. In this tutorial you will see how easy it will be for you to edit videos with Wondershare filmoraGo and share with your audience on social networks.

What is Wondershare filmoraGo?

Wondershare filmoraGo is one of the most complete video editing applications on the market created by Wondershare Software (H.K.) Co. You can download the application, test it and use it for free from your PC, tablet or smartphone without a time limit. Of course, your creations will have a watermark at the end of each video that you can delete once you have switched to the paid version. That is paid forever. App updates are free.

How to download and install Wondershare filmoraGo?

For PC or laptop, you have to access the main page of the video editor and click on Mac or Windows, depending on the operating system you use. It will be downloaded directly, without the need to fill in forms, and the installation will be activated automatically like any other program. You can click here.

If you are going to use it from your mobile, you can download it from Google Play for Android, and from App Store for iOS.

How to create a new project?

When you open the application, a screen appears that indicates two options, a simple version for a quick video and a full version with all the options and effects. To create a new project in Wondershare filmoraGo go to File – New Project – and choose format (16: 9) or (4: 3)

To insert images or videos you have to go to files – import files. It also allows you to download files from Facebook, Instagram, and Flickr. You can record from your PC directly, your webcam or record a voiceover.

Add text to video

At the top of the timeline you will see the icon to add text. In the upper part, you will see that different designs appear to create the title of the video. They are very current. But if you want the video to start directly in the first image you have placed, remove the image from the title and drag the text to the image where you want the title to appear.

Add titles in Wondershare filmoraGo

In advanced editing you can work better with text editing, choosing typography, sizes, shadows, reliefs, etc. In addition, you can also edit the timeline for the texts, when they appear and disappear from the video. This allows you to give the video more movement.

Introduce transitions

If you have already edited a video before, you will know what transitions are. They are effects that improve the passage of an element (image or video) to another element. For example: blur effect, white blend, black blend. In addition to the type of effect, you can choose the movement of the effect. Fiddle with the tool a bit and choose the one that best suits your project. Adding many types of transitions to a video is not recommended, as they can become distracting to the audience.

Add Filters and Layers in Wondershare filmoraGo

It is one of the most interesting options of this video editing tool and that distinguishes it from other editors. Above the timeline, you will find the option ‘Filters’. There is a gallery with 125 filters that you can use for free. In its online store you can download many more payment filters. You can, for example, put an instagram-like filter, which imitates the filters offered by this social network. The effect is very beautiful, giving your video a different touch. Layers work in a similar way to filters, but with different effects on the images and videos you are working with.

Wondershare filmoraGo elements

They are elements that are incorporated in the project between the image and the text, and give a very special finish to your video. They are very curious, from those that resemble handmade drawings, web icons, emojis, or moving shapes.

Split Screen Option

It is used to display 1, 2 or 3 videos or images on the screen at the same time. It is a resource that only professional video editors used and that Wondershare filmoraGo makes available to the general public. You will give a very original touch to your creations.

Add music to your video

We leave to last the introduction of the music in the video editing, because repeatedly listening to the music over and over again until the project is finished can be exhausting. You can use the music that appears by default in Wondershare filmoraGo, totally free to use, or upload the music you want (as long as it is free to use and you add the author / authors in the video credits) and avoid having problems with rights from author.

It can be concluded that this is the most comprehensive video editing software we have reviewed.