Want to convert some files? Don’t worry. You have come on the right page! We will review the advantages of this complete and fast video converter in 1000 formats: UniConverter, is a tool to convert videos from one format to another and also supports audio files and images, before it was known as Wondershare video converter ultimate and those who have proven they know of these benefits that it offers, even becoming for a certain group of users something strange for admitting very rarely seen formats, but that exist and that you never know when you will need to have a tool that can recognize them.

In that aspect UniConverter is an excellent solution if you want to convert a video to another format, the best known and that are compatible with this tool are: mp4, ts, mpeg, avi, mov, webm, but they are only some as indicated by the title, it is a compatible converter with more than 1000 formats. Hardly a format that cannot be changed to another format. Converting MP4 to AVI is something very simple, as simple as copying and pinning a url and clicking on the conversion button. You cannot expect anything easier than this.

UniConverter compatible with Virtual Reality devices:

UniConverter supports video formats for virtual reality devices. It guarantees that any video that passes through this tool can be viewed on different devices, keeps up with the new device formats that are released to the market, this thanks to the fact that the application is constantly updated and the formats it supports are increasing, this program allows you to convert videos to formats that are compatible with iphone, android phones, also with consoles such as playstation or xbox.

Another interesting advantage of UniConverter is that it records videos from streaming web portals, it has tools for editing and recording videos in formats for dvd and blu ray, in terms of speed it is important to mention that it far exceeds what other tools offer as it increases at 30 times the conversion speed that is commonly seen, if you have a video card with graphics acceleration it also supports these features. What a complete software!

Sophisticated doesn’t always mean complicated. Its operation is not complicated because it is developed to detect the device from which the video is being obtained, it can be iphone, ipad, android mobiles and tablets, in addition to other devices or storage units, this allows obtaining the source format and facilitate the choice of output format.

This application has been renewed both in its interface and in the different features it offers, the most important ones we have commented on but there are several more such as the conversion of audio to different formats, compression of audio, video and images, this UniConverter program has a version for a limited time and an annual subscription plan of $ 40, $ 70 if you require a license and $ 100 if you need the licensed application for up to 5 pcs. It also has an online version for different conversions that you need to do. Hopefully this article can provide benefits for you, especially when you face difficulties related to working on a variety of different video formats. Thank you for reading!