Academic writing has always been a challenge since you must apply the correct tone of your essays, guarantee that all your arguments fit together, and make sure that your grammar and spelling are excellent.

If you want to improve your skills as a writer, the most effective thing that you can perform is to keep on writing.  Thus, you become more consistent as you write more, which will provide you with the ideal tools to become a better writer.

While it is an entertaining test to perceive as to how you can keep on improving your work, it is not always feasible. So, to help you with your writing difficulties, here are some writing applications that can enhance your abilities.


Grammarly is possibly the most popular grammar application. With both offline and online options, you can pick a method to use the app that suits you thoroughly.

The app allows you to select the kinds of errors you need to get. So, whether it is your spelling, use of tense, contextual spelling, punctuation, or others, Grammarly can help you with almost everything when it comes to writing.

Furthermore, the integration of the Microsoft Word version functions similar to the Microsoft spell check. Authorize the application in Microsoft Word, and any mistakes will appear on the right side of the page.

Grammarly is pretty much similar to Google Docs, simply create a new document and begin writing, with a correction bar down the left portion of the page presenting all the writing and grammar settings you need.


This application analyzes your writing to help make it understandable and removes any padding words. Hemingway highlights any sentences that are difficult to read in yellow, while the app highlights in red when a sentence is too long or needs rephrasing. Also, it is capable of detecting passive voices or helps you in using a different word that can make more impact.

The use Hemingway, simply put the words inside the text box (web-based) or write a text in the desktop application, and allow Hemingway to perform the rest. The errors and recommendations will appear on the page’s right side and give you the readability grade.  The lower the score, the easier your write-up is to read.


This application offers instant proofreading, so you realize your errors immediately. It tells you not only where you made the errors, but where you can improve your work, and offers options and feedback to help you make a better output.

Also, you will acquire a list of frequently used documents, so you will always have a view on how to compose what you need.

You can integrate different style guides with CorrectEnglish, as can several languages and research tools. Furthermore, the app comes with a plagiarism checker, which can be crucial when using a word count tool or writing an essay.


The Ginger app is a thorough language and grammar checker, which is available online, application-based, and desktop format. This application does not only checks your grammar and spelling because it also gives spelling correction, identifies spelling mistakes, and helps in making your content sound more natural.

Furthermore, Ginger also provides English exercises based on your errors and offers translation capabilities for at least 40 languages.

To use the app, merely start it and begin typing. Any suggestions for adjusting your write-up will appear at the upper part of the screen.

To Conclude

Writing is a vital skill and one that is hard to develop on your own, particularly if you are not familiar with the language. On the bright side, we now live in the digital era, where modern solutions surround us.