Taking the time to put together a playlist is a skill that takes a long time to get just right. Whether you’re needing music to keep you going in your workout, or finding just the right study tunes, the perfect soundtrack can make all the difference! So where can you find the best music, from the largest variety of artists?

Today there are an impressive amount of music streaming websites, apps, as well as downloadable programs. Finding just the right one to fit your needs doesn’t have to be difficult.

Here are the top streaming and downloading apps that will bring music to your life!


It’s hard to make a music streaming app list without having this powerhouse of a streaming service at the top! From background piano music to make you feel more confident about your online designing company while you work, an upbeat running playlist, or the latest podcasts and news, Spotify has you covered!

There are a few levels of the service you can choose from:

  • With a standard membership, you pay nothing, can create playlists, and enjoy music with an internet connection for free. However, you do have to listen to advertisements every thirty minutes or so. There are only a certain number of skips you can use also to shuffle through music.
  • With a Premium package, you don’t have suffer through advertisements, can skip as many songs as you’d like, and you can even download the music straight to your streaming device! This allows you to listen to your carefully crafted playlists offline. All things considered, it may be worth the nearly $10 a month for all your favorite songs!
  • Spotify has an immense catalog of musicians, podcasts, as well as premade playlists to choose from. Get ready to sort through music for hours!

Apple Music

Looking to get some major bang for your buck? Then the Apple Music service is for you. Whether you’re looking to upload the music you’ve made on your PC with Garageband, or trying to find Apple exclusive artists, there is something for everyone with Apple’s streaming apps.

Not only can you upload your own music, but you can also store your playlists and songs on any of the Apple devices. Add songs to your iTunes catalog and get to experience artists you may have never heard of otherwise! Really great service for rounding out your already extensive collection of favorite artists.

The only downside is that Apple Music is built to function the best on Apple devices. Meaning if you’re rocking an Android phone, a PC, or an other non-Apple product, then the quality of your app function may be diminished.

Amazon Music

Here is a service that is not only available to you at a discount with a Prime membership, but you can also download the app individually! The artists, playlists, as well as ever expanding catalog allow for you to drift through a practically limitless sea of music. The service takes artists and songs that you listen to frequently and suggests new music for you to enjoy.

All in all, there are more songs for your money with this streaming service. However, you can’t upload songs you’ve recorded yourself on your top of the line digital piano, or in the studio like other services. It also has a smaller catalog for you to choose from compared to other apps on this list.


Brought to you by a musical legend, Tidal is the streaming service created by mogul Jay-Z! Bringing you exclusive albums from artists like Beyoncé and Kanye West, the choice selection is a big draw to music lovers. This is also the first streaming service to provide a sound quality that is on par, or even better than recorded CD quality.

But all good things must have their drawbacks. While there are sometimes discounted ticket presales, amazing sound quality, and immerging new artists, there is also a smaller musical catalog. While Apple, Spotify, and others have millions of titles, Tidal miss the mark on catalog. But the service definitely hits the bullseye on sound purity and high-resolution audio!

Google Play

Though not as extensive of a collection as the other services, Google Play has amazing quality playlists. Not only that, but Google Play is great because you can upload your personal catalog as well! Your personal music, along with the streaming choices makes this an excellent option for android users. However, it’s soon to be replaced entirely with YouTube Music, but there isn’t really an answer as to when that will happen!

The Best Music Streaming and Downloading App for YOU!

Every day can be made better with music to guide you through your moods, your work, and even your down time. Streaming services and music downloading apps are here to not only let you create the atmosphere of your choosing, but to help you expand your musical experience! No matter what you’re looking for in a musical catalog, there is a streaming service out there for you.