It you want to rank high in Google there are some factors taken into account, some of them are more important than others. Below are the essential steps that you need to take if you want to get better rankings in Google search engine results and to optimize your site for Google’s algorithm today.

Need to rank higher in Google SEO?

A lot of patience and hard work are required to get good ranking in Google. Knowing the advantage of having a webpage on the first page of Google, you can find the desire and firmness to work until your targets are reached.

  1. More Traffic

The more organic traffic you will get from Google is the higher your ranking. More than 60% the first 5 positions statistically get the majority of search traffic.

traffic to your site

  1. Signal of Trust

More than 15 years of research, development on ranking algorithms and more than 255 signals are used by the Google. People trust it because when they search in Google they will find what they are searching for. So it became world’s most popular search engine and very good in choosing individuality websites to show in their search results. When someone finds your website in Google first pages, they found that is a good website, since it is trusting it and showing it in their results.

  1. Social media shares and comments

A website found in the first page of Google receives more traffic and gets more social shares and comments.

shares and comments

  1. On other search engines

Not only Google but the other search engines have SEO rules which are similar to it. Google is the one with most traffic. Once you get a good ranking position in Google it will soon follow in the other search engines as well.

How to rank high in Google

  1. Age of the domain

Age of a domain name is one of the major factors in the Google SEO. There are two things that are considered in the age of a domain name:

  1. The life of a webpage.
  2. The duration of a domain has been certified.

The life of a website is how far away the content has been on the web, how far off the site has been in advance, and last time when was updated. The duration of a domain has been certified is measured not only by the date the domain was certified, but also by how far off it is certified for. Some domains are certified for one year while others are certified for two, four, or even for ten years. It is not is easy to get a high ranking in Google and it takes a lot more work and more time to get the scrutiny of the search giant and establish Google trust.

  1. Quality of the content

The content published on your website need to have unique and original content. This is one of the most important factors in website’s do well. Google needs to examine three particular aspects of content.

  1. Nature
  2. Purpose
  3. Singularity

Republishing and reproducing content from other websites won’t work since content individuality is very crucial for Google rankings. Along with quality of content, a lot of content is need. Articles with more than 1500 words have extra chances in attaining greater positions in the Google.

  1. Links from other websites

It is needful to have links from other websites on the web marking to your website to get the consideration of Google. If the link is from big and honorable websites it has more expense. Building links or off page optimization is the most important activity for obtaining our website great ranked in search engines.

  1. On page SEO

The greater are the chances of achieving a good ranking is the more information Google can understand from a website. On page SEO is set of fundamentals to make your website SEO Familiar. It is easier for Google to read an SEO familiar website.

  1. Website loading speed

A fast loading website can get better Google rankings than a slow loading website. This is a part of on page SEO. It (speed) is a known ranking factor and very relevant for handling as well.

  1. Mobile Familiar

A mobile familiar website is one that correctly displays on hand held devices such as your iPhone, Android or blackberry etc. Majority of the people are using their mobiles for searching the sites. The Websites which are mobile familiar will rank higher and provide mobile searches with a better user experience. Google is providing a tool that allows users to test if their website is mobile friendly or not. The website will receive the mobile friendly designation when it passes this test.

  1. Advantage of social media

Social media is a popular subject among marketers to get Google rankings. A successful social media marketing campaign has a lot of benefits to offer to a website and it is something you need to use and benefit from. A real traffic to your website is driven by Social media. Allot certain time each day to social interaction because it allows you to increase your online to reach faster.

  1. Tell Google about your website

Webmaster tools are used to establish communication with webmasters. Google has created these webmaster tools. You can configure several settings like URL, sitemap, country etc and also have diagnostic tools like fetch as Google and robots tester that will help you to rank high in Google SEO.