All you might have know about Facebook and Instagram. Similar to these services there is another online social networking service which enables the users to send short service messages named as “tweets”. The name of this online social networking service is “Twitter”. It is a network which gives real time information where people can explore what’s going in the world right now. There are currently 302 million active users for Twitter and it has more than 500 million users. It is also one of the top ten most visited sites. More than 80% of users are accessing the Twitter using their mobile devices. This article let you know how to Market with Twitter.

  1. Retweet interesting content

To increase the number of followers in the twitter, finding content using a hashtags is a key factor to be remembered. If somebody tweets, you will always catch his /her consideration. Don’t be afraid to retweet, as this will help you to link with your own thoughts in marketing.

  1. Optimize your Twitter bio

A bio tells users who you are and carry a company website link or landing page and having a logical accent so that people clearly understand who you are and what you do.

  1. Tweet regularly

People forget about yourself, if you only tweet once a week, or once a month. It means you are not keeping up your updates regularly. If you daily update postings and engagements, you are the top of the logical basis. Make sure your tweets are relevant and useful to the users. A sign of active, healthy profile is regular tweeting.

  1. Favorite Tweets

Favoriting Tweets can get someone’s attention more than a Retweet but most of the users in twitter don’t know this.

  1. Use Images and Videos

More shares, views and clicks receive quickly by Images and Videos than plain text tweets. We can get more and more clicks on Twitter only by images and videos.

  1. Offer special deals to twitter followers

Run a Contest, offer coupons, discounts and special deals to the twitter followers like “The first 20 people that retweet me, will get a discount of 20%”. By doing like this the users will pay attention on your market.

  1. Ask others

Request your followers to retweet and favorite your tweets or ask them to share the content with a new tweet.

  1. Appropriate Responding

Respond in a professional and in a polite manner if appropriate because customers are now posting their complaints and queries about the product on Twitter.

  1. Use promoted tweets

Your promoted tweets don’t run for a long time and make sure that promoted tweets are not copied. If you want to continue the sane tweet say it in a different manner, it means tweet in a new way. Target your users directly by your promoted tweets, failing to explain exactly you are trying to reach could cost you time and money.

  1. Use twitter analytics

Follow the analytics daily to get what not you have builds it with your audience. You will be able to tell what types of contents that are more favored, the followers you are attracting and what are your best days to tweet are.