What is a Landing Page?

A landing page is a part of a webpage which serves as the way to enter your website or any particular part of your website. Landing Page sometimes called as “Lead capture page” or “Lander”. The primary thing guest’s usually care when they come to visit your website is, the first sight of your landing page decides whether the guest will stay on your website or if they would leave. Landing page serves a purpose of appealing a guest to do something specific like sign up for email list, buy a product or set up a meeting. The observation of audience is drained when you provide them with the information they search regarding a topic. The first impression plays the main role. If you fail in the first impression, future edge fall through get off chest. A landing Page plays a necessary role for your website, it advice’s you to spin service into edge.

Types of Landing Pages:

There are two types of Landing Pages. The objective of these two types of Landing pages is the same, to form a guest a alteration, meaning a potential.

    1. Reference Landing Page
    2. Transactional Landing Page.

Reference Landing Page: This is also named as Click through Landing Pages. Reference landing page furnish a guest to click through to another page. The page can include text, images, videos, graphics, links, sounds or other elements.

Transactional Landing Page: This is also named as Lead Generation Landing Pages. Transactional Landing page are used to capture user data, such as name and email address (filling out a form), connecting with objects on the page etc.

The analysis of a high converting Landing Page,

Let’s take the example of ploughtheweb website to understand the essential elements of high converting landing page:

    1. Killer Headline

The headline is your primary and major analytical action of a landing page. It grabs the reader’s attention, interest and understanding. The headline should be phrased in such a way that effectively covers everything that the page has to offer, it might be never more than twenty words, and willingly only ten.

download (1)
2.  Convincing Sub-headline
The convincing sub-headline makes guests to stay in the webpage. It is arranged beneath the main headline. The convincing sub-headline has some element of strength. The sub headline can go into lightly more detailed and extent than the main headline.

download (5)
3. Body text
Body text includes the text on the Landing Page. It should be attractive enough to make the consumers to stopover on the page and intact enough to give the proper information that the page is design to fetch.

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4. Keywords
You want to discover people for you the main words are Keywords. Essential keywords are added in the content on the landing page, page titles and the heading tags. The keywords are highlighted uniquely in the content, title etc.
5. Images
Creative images to appeal to visitors include in landing pages. The Image should be large, high quality and related to your product. The images are fun and attention grabbing.

download (7)
6. Social Distribution studs
The use of the social distribution studs is to enable the guests and distribute the content of your page with their networks or connections on social media platforms.

7. Invisible Navigation
To minimize distraction, friction and bounce rate the top side navigation bars on the landing page should be hidden.

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8. Conversion Form
The conversion forms are optimized to get more leads. Here the customer enters the testimonials in exchange for an offer.

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9. Broadcast
You might have known a quote that “Watching is better than reading”. A survey of eyedigitalview.com displays that placing a video on your landing page increases your conversion rate by up to 80%. The steady suitable reasons to consider using a video on your landing page are:
·         Build consumer trust
·         People are lazy
·         Keep guests on your sites longer
·         Increases conversions
·         Helps people understand complicated products
·         You can watch the below video at https://vimeo.com/filesie
A/B testing your landing page
Experimenting between two or more pages to check which one performs better or converts better, is done in A/B testing. You can create various versions of landing page once it is decided what to be tested on your landing page. There are some benefits for A/B testing your page
·         Under real world conditions it helps to identify the actual attitude of your customers. If version A sells more than version B, you can positively achieve that in future version A is the design you should show all users.
·         Low cost method for testing landing pages.
Below are the things that help you increase your conversion rate.
·         Clear call to action like sign up, shop now, contact us, see your video etc.
·         Important attributes like highlighting the important features of your product or service
·         An offer like coupons, discounts, a free trail etc.
·         Effective headline means make your headline interesting, understanding and grabbing
·         Tidy visuals are keep your design simple, use bold fonts and videos to make more interesting.
·         Social proof like you can highlight reviews by your customers, press mentions etc.
·         Narrow focus means control your landing page simple due to this making a decision for people won’t take long time.
Here are the tools to boost your landing page conversion rate :
The tools mentioned below are used to boost your landing page conversion rate.
·         Crazy egg
·         Landing page grader from word stream
·         Ubounce
·         Optimizely
·         Ion interactive landing page assessment
·         Landing page analyzer
·         Usability hub