LinkedIn is a social networking platform with 300 million members and is used specially for business and professional identity. It is a great platform to showcase your company to professionals. Millions of professional people are now following more than two million organizations through LinkedIn.

What is a company page on LinkedIn?

A company page is a hub where millions of professional people get noticed with your company’s information like your products, services, customers, clients, career opportunities and many more.

Want to promote your business? Then start creating a company page for your business and get noticed by professional people and companies.

Below are the quick steps to get your business into LinkedIn network and to promote your business,

Requirements to create a page,

  • You must be a current employee in an organization and your position is recorded in the Experience segment of your profile.
  • You should have an organization email address (example, included and affirmed your LinkedIn account.
  • Your organization’s email name has to be unique to the organization.
  • Profile strength must be as Intermediate or to be All Star.
  • You must have few links.

Once you have all above requirements, it’s an ideal opportunity to begin.

Step 1: Open the browser and open and then login to your account. After you logged in, click on interests option on the top navigation and select companies.

login page

interest button

Step 2: Now, you will find a box “create a company page” on the right side of the page. Click create button.

create option

Step 3: You will find a page where you can enter your company details like company name and email address. Fill it and then click continue.

company details

In the event that the work email address you give is an unconfirmed email address on your LinkedIn account, a message will be sent to that address. Take after the directions in the message to affirm your email location, and afterward follow the guidelines above to include the Company Page.

A red color error message may show up on the off chance that you have issues including a Company Page. A review of your Company Page is not accessible. When you distribute the page, it is live on our site.

Note: To distribute your Company Page you must have an organization details or a detailed summary (250-2000 characters including spaces), and organization site URL.

Your company page is now created successfully, however it hasn’t been populated with your companies products or services. Open the products option and enlist all your products or services providing.

Now you are done with creating a company page and the next task is to promote your business,

Help Grow Your LinkedIn Following

Add company logo and banner: images are the best way to approach faster. Add your company logo and a banner to your company page. When anyone searches for your company or any of your company members or employees, then this logo appears. This helps them find your page easily.

Engage your employees:

Your employees are your first approach to start following your page. Tell your employees to add your company page to their individual profiles. They are now followers of your page and can share, comment and promote your page.

Add links:

Expand and promote your Company Page by connecting it to your other social media networking platforms like facebook, twitter etc–, for example, your messages, updates, and blogs. “Follow ” option has to be included to your site to make it basic and unmistakable for guests to click and take after your Company Page

Put invest in followers:

Add Follow Ads to rapidly pull in the exact group of audience that you are attempting to reach. Take after Ads show up all through LinkedIn and can be focused to individuals in particular commercial enterprises, organizations, and websites. At the point when individuals take after your organization, that activity spreads through their system as an update, which attracts others to take after also.

Update rich content day by day

Posting every day organization updates is the best approach to begin a discussion, drive verbal, and connect with your intended interest group. Include organization news, industry articles, thought initiative pieces, or request that supporters say something regarding current or interesting issues. Posts will show up on your Company Page and in the news feast upon the landing page of each of your devotees over all gadgets and stages. Incorporate rich substance, for example, pictures, infographics, features, and SlideShare presentations to keep things crisp and energizing for your group. look at this company page in linkedIn of filesie Systems (India) Pvt. Ltd that helps you get inspiration on updating useful and engaging content.

updates in filesie

Increase greater insights with analytics of your Company Page:

Influence analytics of your Company Page to track engagement on posts, supporter development, and key measurements and patterns. Utilize that significant information to streamline, refine, and alter you’re content.

Make use of sponsored updates

Get your message out to the right individuals with Sponsored Updates. Supported Updates raise more prominent brand popularity, produce quality leads, and advance more profound associations with your extending so as to gather of people the span of your organization’s updates.