Whether you are the owner of a large multinational organization or are operating under a small retail outlet, retaining customers is a big challenge. Customers tend to be very picky with their choices, especially when they have a wholesome choices in front of them. Hence, it is the duty of the management to ensure that they keep their customers attracted at all times. It is the promotional strategies of the management that can help them increase their customer base.

Why Magento Instagram Feed tool?

When it comes to communicating the message to large audience, social media is the ideal platform to exercise this opportunity. This is the ideal chance to gain maximum customers and increase the revenue. A useful tool that can help the business attract more customers is the Magento Instagram. The new extension is a useful tool that can help in gaining maximum customers through some amazing pictorial display on Instagram. This can assist the business in creating a good image on the website itself.

How does Magento Instagram work?

The process that Magento Instagram follows is fairly simple. Once you have your own Instagram page, all the pictures that you upload there will automatically be displayed on the web pages the way you like. It is up to the management to see how to arrange them. The embedded Instagram pictures add more flair and class to the website on a whole. The user can also create an Instagram widget for their ease. It will seek customer’s attention immediately and increase the potential revenue too.

Sorting out the images

Instagram is all about images. However, there are certain pictures that the admin wishes to be displayed up on top in comparison to others. For example, in case of a seasonal demand, the admin would wish to put up all the related pictures in the top to attract more customers. The option to filter images through the Instagram feed is one of the most likeable features of the Magento Instagram. The pictures can be filtered according to the most liked images, most recent images, most shared images, etc.

Extra features

In addition to posting the filtered pictures, the extension also allows the admin to display the pictures with the total number of likes and comments on it. While some people may feel that this is a useless function, it can pay huge dividends. People are more attracted towards those images that have been followed or admired by the audience. Though this maybe bias, but the things that gain more social attention are generally looked forward by people. This function helps people select the product that is the most in demand.

The Instagram pop-up

Rather than filling up the website with numerous large images, it is better to show up small icons with some description alongside it. While this may not be that impactful, the Instagram pop up function can definitely help the admins in this case. It is a very easy and simple function that looks elegant on the website. Customers can click on any given image to get a closer look on the Instagram image. This can help the website to look for more sophisticated and cool.