What’s the first step to do if you want to promote your brand on Instagram, the most popular social media? Followers and concerns. With no one or little focus, how do you do business? The question is how to grow your followers and audience rapidly and organically? Today I’ll introduce you some ways. Even if you are a starter for Instagram and have small or 0 followers, you can leverage these tricks particularly the free IG followers hack tool GetInsta to hack followers on Instagram from 0 to 10k, 50k easily. If you already have lots of followers on Instagram, this article will help you to improve them even more.

Take advantage of some tools to get free Instagram followers.

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Step 1: Login the get Instagram followers app GetInsta.

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9. Buy Followers with Money
10. Buy Likes with Money

Run sweepstakes or contests.

Running sweepstakes or contests on social networks is a good strategy to increase the number of followers. However, it can also cause users to follow you “hunting prizes”. 

Run sweepstakes or cross-competitions with other accounts.

Another strategy to increase the number of followers is to run a giveaway with the collaboration of another complementary brand. For example, if we are a food brand, a collaborator can be a small appliance brand.

This strategy to increase followers on IG allows us to make our brand known to a like-minded audience.

The mechanics will be very simple. From our Instagram account we will publish a post indicating that to participate in the raffle you must follow both accounts and leave a comment on the post. We will publish this post as a story, tagging the collaborating account so that it can also share it as a story.

Monitor your brand

Many clients, unaware that you have an Instagram account, add you as a hashtag but do not tag or follow you.

It is convenient that in your Instagram account you save the search for your brand hashtag and periodically see which users have mentioned you. Leave them a thank you comment and start following them. You will see how they start to follow you too!

Influencer Marketing Actions with Instagramers

If you are a food or beverage brand, a marketing action with influencers can help you, among many other objectives, to increase the number of followers.

Under no circumstances buy fake followers.

Please avoid making the mistake of buying fake followers. In most cases, Instagram deletes these accounts in a short time, your engagement will decrease and the influencer agencies will discard you as soon as they see the statistics of your profile.