Time of crisis occurs not only to writers or creative people but also to ordinary human beings. The thing is that we are not robots, we are living creatures, and sometimes we run out of ideas. It is normal to feel the gears of our brain get stuck, especially for writers, who are always in a state of producing creative things. Even a student may run out of inspiration and ask himself ‘how to write my paper?’ Of course, you can always navigate to this site and have your assignment done properly. However, the writers wish inspiration was a never-end source, but, unfortunately, it isn’t. By the way, what does this notion stand for?

Collins English Dictionary says that inspiration is a feeling of enthusiasm you get from someone or something, which gives you new ideas. In Greek mythology, there were the muses, who were the inspirational goddesses of literaturescience, and the arts. Well, moments of inspiration don’t quite make sense by logic. It is illogical and unreasonable feeling. When a writer is inspired, time alters its pace, and it gets impossible to control the stream of creativity. They call it a blessing, but most of the writers feel an indescribable burst of energy.

Despite the fact you can provoke this state artificially, most of the famous writers have tried-and-true techniques that help them inspire themselves in tough times, and they are ready to share these pieces of advice with others. A Japanese writer Haruki Murakami always gets into a strict routine and exercise while writing a new novel. He gets up early every day, runs 10 kilometers, reads for the rest of the day, and then goes off at 9 p.m. He sticks to this routine for a half of a year, using this repetition to stay inspired. American writer Marilynn Robinson has another recipe for finding writing ideas. She keeps a running list of inspiring metaphors that she randomly writes just out of her mind and later uses in her books.

If all of a sudden you find yourself stuck for ideas what to write about, try to change the situation you are in right now. Get out of your rut to look at life in a different way. Move to another room or apartment, start writing in a cozy café instead of a dusty office. Writers are freelancers, which means that they can take their work wherever they go. Buy a one-way ticket to another city or country and stay there until inspiration comes and the work gets done. Finally, put away everything that bothers you and catch inspiration for writing out of your home!

Sometimes the best way to accomplish something is just to do it! In most of the cases, the lack of creativity leads to procrastination, when you force yourself to do things that earlier bring you joy and satisfaction. Use the technique of brainstorming and write down thoughts that spontaneously occur in your mind. If nothing works, just google the topics you are interested in, and later you will come up with creative ideas even without specific efforts for that.

The old standby to return your inspiration is to use your imagination. While those who write fairy tales, fiction, detective stories or poetry may find it familiar and easy, appealing to the imagination may seem difficult for other writers, freelancers or bloggers. Find somewhere a cozy place where you can feel relaxed, relieve your feelings, and focus on your thoughts. Think of a topic you get to write and, appealing to your imagination, provoke thoughts one after another. Repeat this action before going off. There are dozens of examples when firstly writers had a dream where they see things they will write down after awakening. All in all, do not burn the midnight oil. Let your brain have a rest and sooner or later you will get a worthy result.

Inspiration is a spiritual phenomenon, but there are some ways how you can outwit it. One of the efficient methods is to set deadlines for yourself. J.K. Rowling, the author of ‘Harry Potter’, rented a room in a hotel in the city she has lived and written there the most popular story in the world. She said that the fact that she rented that room and paid for it inspired her to write this story, as she had a set deadline for her work.

Finally, to get inspired, think of things you love. If you love dancing, call your favorite friends and go to a night club or simply find your favorite tracks and switch on the music. If you love coffee, find the best café in a city and enjoy it. Simple things inspire a lot, so do not forget to make yourself feel happy every day!