It is one thing to travel, but another to travel for business. Considering the stuff to bring, people to meet, and business to do, one can definitely say that it is a big pain. With the myriad of applications made readily available on various devices, finding precisely what you need for your trip is almost always guaranteed. In light of that, here are a few essential apps you should consider having as your helpful travel companion.

1. Travel List

Most businessmen always tend to be hasty and have a great tendency to forget to pack half the stuff they intended, in most cases the important ones. With this, Travel List is the perfect application to cater you. This app allows you to keep an organized list of things you intend to take on your trip before the actual packing. This way, you are less likely to forget the essential items you need or anything at all for that matter. A constant reminder will keep you on toes in case an item or two slips from your memory. The application can also inform you of the various steps you are supposed to visit en route to your destination.

2. Kayak

With Kayak, you could conveniently compare hotel prices, flight times and cost, and car rental deals. It gives access to information about airline numbers and allows you to track flights. They have recently added the feature Price Forecast which uses historical and current fare data to foresee airfare fluctuations in the next few days. It also covers currency conversion. Best of all, Kayak is free and runs on all platforms, from iOS to Blackberry.

3. Weave Appointment Reminder

As a businessman, there are crucial meetings and appointments that you cannot afford to miss. Weave Appointment Reminder is your very own personalized reminder specifically catered to your schedule. The app can also be used for a dentist or patient appointments with tailored templates and times and dates that you choose yourself. More information on this app can be found at Apart from Weave Appointment Reminder, the company, Weave also offers a ton of other useful utility apps that you may incorporate into your budget and all at a very reasonable price.

4. Waze

In line with not affording to miss any of your meetings, Waze is a great app to help you not to run late for your appointments. It is deemed as the most reliable real-time navigation app by many. It offers updated information and gives you alerts on accidents, cheapest gas stations, traffic slowdowns, speed traps, and even construction zones. It runs on Android and iOS.

5. SeatGuru

We all hate those uncomfortable and cramped airplane seats, more so when you are bound to be seated for a considerably long period of time. SeatGuru is your ticket out of this entire mess. This app offers details concerning your seat legroom, seat-back amenities, recline ability, and its proximity to comfort rooms. It features aircraft seat maps, seat reviews, and helps you identify superior and substandard seats. If any of the seats that fit your comfort become available, you will be notified instantly through your phone.

6. Google Translate

If you’re bound to travel internationally and your knowledge on speaking and understanding certain languages is limited to none, Google offers you Google Translate, an astounding software whose usefulness cannot be understated. It is a practical tool that can help you translate over 64 languages either through text or speech. You can even take a picture of a signage with foreign words, or draw symbols you can’t quite seem to understand, and Google Translate will translate it to your native language for you. They can also serve as excellent interpreters whenever you try to converse with someone who speaks foreign. This app will be especially helpful in situations where you are stranded or even just for casual interactions. The app can be downloaded for free on both Android and iOS.

7. Hotel Tonight

If you ever find yourself in a situation wherein you’re stranded and couldn’t find a place to stay for the night, Hotel Tonight happens to be just the right app for this kind of circumstance. This app is made specifically for last-minute accommodation seekers in finding a place to stay at steep discounts. It gives you a rundown of the available hotels near you. It is made available on iPhones and Android devices.

8. Mint

We all know how our budget can spiral out control whenever we travel. Mint is an application that helps you keep track of your finances wherever you go. The application assists in keeping your budget in check and monitoring your expenditures so that it never goes overboard. Furthermore, the application is safe and secure and does not allow any transfer of funds between accounts. Mint is available for free on Android and iOS.

9. ICE

ICE is a smart acronym for In Case of Emergency. This app is designed to contain and prevent any medical issues that may arise during your travels. This is achieved by keeping information about your medical conditions on your smartphone and keeping records of your vitals. In case of any health issue that may require medical attention, the phone will have your medical records, doctor’s contacts, and insurance details even when the phone is locked. Furthermore, it can translate to over ten languages just in case you get a heart attack in the wrong country. For only 4 dollars, this app could maybe save your life.

10. Google Maps

If you haven’t been informed yet, Google Maps is the internet version of the world atlas. However, it is added with features including a GPS navigation system (voice guided) and information on public transit. It ensures complete functionality, accuracy, and convenience. It can be of great use whenever you need to go someplace you are not familiar with, or if you need directions in general. You can download Google Maps for absolutely nothing on Google’s Play store.

These are only a few of the apps that are necessary and are guaranteed to be helpful before and during your trip, but they sure come in handy when faced with unexpected situations. They should help you prepare and travel stress-free.