Many of you might spend a third of the day in the office and not realize that what you do on a day-to-day basis for the business can actually lead to the waste of energy. As a result of constant energy usage, not only are you adding unnecessary costs to the corporate budget, but also emitting additional carbons on the environment.

The improvement of science and technology bring us easier ordinary life, but the same time cause the shortage of renewable energy sources. So while enjoying the convenience of life, we should also pay attention to every little detail, and here is a list of things you can do with your colleagues to promote energy saving while at work in the office:

  • Printer
  1. Share one printer with other computers on the network to can reduce equipment idle.
  2. Place a paper recycling bin in the office, thus printing waste paper can be used as draft.
  3. When printing informal documents, select draft mode and save more than 30% of ink.
  4. Shorten the line spacing and choose smaller font, according to the actual demand.
  5. Get into the habit of previewing before printing to make sure there are no extra pages.
  6. Learn Word document printing skills to improve work efficiency and save paper, such as printing on both sides, printing only even pages or odd pages.
  • Computer
  1. Set up a reasonable power plan for the computer.
  2. Shorten the time to turn off the display and put the computer to sleep.
  3. Reduce the brightness and contrast of the computer display.
  4. Use dark color in background and theme, and turn off position and Bluetooth.
  5. Remove external devices such as printer connected to the computer when not in use.
  6. It is better to unplug the power plug or switch off the socket after turning off the computer.
  • Air Conditioner
  1. The temperature in the office will last for a period of time after the air conditioner is turned off, therefore it can be turned off 20 minutes before the end of the work day.
  2. In areas with low utilization, such as meeting rooms and lounges, sensors can be installed to control the switches automatically.
  3. The temperature difference between indoor and outdoor should not be too big, especially in summer and winter.
  4. Dust attached to the filter will greatly reduce the overall cooling effect of whole space, so air conditioner needs to be cleaned regularly.
  5. Remember to close the doors and windows when the air conditioner is turned on, to avoid the loss of hot air or cool air due to the bad sealing of the office.
  6. Additionally, if the office receives direct sunlight, it is recommended to install shade curtain, to reduce additional power consumption.

People often underestimate the little things they do at work, so it is very important to promote the awareness and consciousness about energy issues. Just schedule a meeting to brainstorm ideas with your colleagues, and there are still many other effective ways to save energy. Find what works for you and stick with it, it’s all for a healthy environment within your own workplace.