Many users are simply rebuking the idea of buying a gaming mouse simply because they do not play games at all. However, a gaming mouse could prove to be a much better choice for regular users from more points of view. Of course, it comes with a higher price tag, but it is worth it because you are getting an exceptional product.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the reasons to buy a gaming mouse, even if you’re not a gamer. If you are a gamer and you still own a regular mouse, you should buy a gaming mouse ASAP. We recommend you getting a Razer gaming mouse to enjoy an outstanding product. If you are looking for a gaming mouse for non-gamers, you should check Razer out here:

Without further ado, let’s look at some of the reasons why you need to invest in a gaming mouse in 2019 and beyond.

  1. Higher sensitivity

Compared to a regular mouse, a gaming mouse comes with a much higher sensitivity, or DPI (dots per inch). The average mouse has a maximum of 1,000 DPI, while the cheapest gaming mouse starts from 3,500 DPI, and can go up to 20,000. For example, Razer Viper gaming mouse has a whopping 16,000 DPI, offering deadly precision.

Because of the higher sensitivity, you’ll be able to enjoy flawless control on your tasks. Whether are filling in Excel sheets, check your email, use a drag and drop builder or even use Photoshop for your projects, a high sensitivity gaming mouse allows you to experience outstanding precision. You won’t waste precious time clicking by mistake on something else or waiting for the mouse to move from one location of the screen to the other.

  1. More responsive

A gaming mouse is more responsive than a standard mouse. This also consumes more resources out of your computer, but you can rest assured that it will work exactly as you’re planning to.

  1. More buttons

Also known as macro keys, the extra buttons you find in a gaming mouse enable you to work faster and use the mouse for important shortcuts. You’ll be able to navigate between pages easier and even create your custom shortcuts.

For instance, instead of pressing “alt+tab” to change the window between your document and a browser or between two tabs, you’ll be able to do this procedure by simply using your thumb to press a specific button on your mouse.

This enables you to save a whole lot of time when doing your job on your laptop.

  1. Comfort

Gaming mice are designed for your own comfort. These devices are perfect for long-term use and are enabling you to use them for a long period of time, without putting a lot of strain on your wrist.

  1. Durability

Another important reason to go with a gaming mouse instead of a standard one is that they are made to last. They are usually made with better materials and using superior technology, because they must withstand daily grind. Moreover, they are designed to withstand bumps, hits and scratches. We all know that gamers can get angry sometimes and may accidentally throw away the mouse or hit it.

  1. Design

Ultimately, a gaming mouse looks just amazing and could greatly boost your self-esteem. Take for instance Razer Viper. This mouse looks futuristic, even if it has a sleek look to it. The green logo makes it look genuine, and you can easily use it together with the Razer Blade laptop or a Razer keyword.

Some gaming mice, just like gaming laptops and keywords, include RGB lighting, so you can enjoy customizable hues or red, green, yellow, blue and pink. Because of the great looks, it will be a pleasure for you to use one of these devices for your daily tasks.

The Bottom Line

Christmas is just around the corner. If you want to surprise your best friend, husband, child or even a co-worker, purchase him a gaming mouse. They will appreciate you, because will have a product that will last for many years to come and will work much better than a regular mouse.

Gaming mice are built for durability, customization, fun, ergonomics and ease of use. Buy one of these modern devices now and never again experience the drawbacks of low-quality built mice.