Video conferencing enables businesses to cut costs while maximising attendance and enabling an easy stress-free way of organising conferences. Eyenetwork offers video integration & installation services from single rooms to global deployments. Combined with the video cloud platform, they enable your company to connect people anywhere to any device with state of the art video conferencing equipment.

In a survey of 4,700 users, the top benefits of video conferencing were cited as:

  • Increased efficiency and productivity – 94%
  • Increased impact of discussions – 88%
  • Expedited decision-making – 87%
  • Reduced travel – 87%

However, video conferencing benefits are far reaching and with the right system, the downsides are practically non-existent.

Cutting travel costs and time

Arguably the most beneficial aspect of video conferencing, is the reduction in travel time and expenses. The ability for all required personnel to have access to client meetings or be on hand to solve issues without the hassle of travel enables quick response times and often higher productivity.  Video conferencing allows a flexibility that can boost meeting attendance rates, cut costs and also gives you the option to record the discussion for people who cannot make it.

 Improving Communication

Using video also means that the important aspect of communication, body language isn’t lost in translation. Attendees can see visual cues in clients/team members body language and expressions of satisfaction, concern, or understanding can be addressed more easily than through emails and phone calls.

The defined end and start times put in place by video conferencing also means that communication is more likely to be succinct and be focused on delivering the most amount of information as possible in the allocated time. This allows for a more intensive discussion with less chit-chat, and participants are more likely to follow the agenda.

 Keeping teams connected

Teams are often geographically separated;  many freelancers or permanent staff  choose to work from home, while some freelancers even working from other continents.

Video conferencing can bridge these gaps, either for regular meetings or spur-of-the-moment check-ups, teams can stay in touch easily and efficiently.

 Supporting the Green Initiative

Business traveling takes a toll on the environment in many ways. Video conferencing is an energy-smart, economically supportive way to attend or sponsor business meetings.

The energy consumption wasted on attending meetings, such as flying, driving and hotel stays generate smog-producing air pollutants and carbon dioxide that contributes to climate change. Video conferencing removes the necessity of increasing your carbon footprint to attend important meetings

The Eyenetwork video conferencing service allows you to connect from any device, while also offering admin controls and customisable options, such as syncing with outlook and streaming the meeting online.