Majority of businesses still use phones to make calls within the organization and to their overseas clients as well. However, many have moved away from the traditional telephone services to VoIP services which allow them to communicate effectively. VoIP services are much cheaper and also have extra features which make them worth the investment for businesses across the world. Fortunately, VoIP providers are available in a variety of shapes or sizes making it easier to find one that meets your budget.

Why cheap VoIP providers are good for your business

Cheap does not always mean low quality when it comes to VoIP providers. Most of the providers that offer their services at an affordable rate ensure that the features available benefit businesses that sign up with them. Some of the advantages of getting low-cost VoIP services include:

Numerous service providers

Finding an affordable VoIP service is easy because of the increased number of providers showcasing their services online. It only takes a quick search online to see a list of them as well as reviews on the best ones for your business. Make sure that you compare plans offered by top business voip providers so that you can find the cheapest rates possible by reviews for example Nextiva reviews. Additionally, the service provider should provide services that work well both at the office and at home.

Availability of extra features

To attract a larger pool of customers, VoIP service providers are offering value-added services to businesses that sign up with them. Many companies that are looking for low-cost services also enjoy unique features that enable them to communicate better when making domestic and international calls. Some of these features include conference calling, video to email capability and video conferencing among others.

Exceptional voice quality

In earlier times, cheap VoIP services were synonymous with poor voice quality. However, things have changed over time with a majority of the service providers offering excellent voice quality for their customers. Businesses can now enjoy top of the line voicing quality due to the advances in technology and various internet features put in place by their providers. In some cases, the voice quality is better than some famous VoIP services providers.

Saves money

Affordable VoIP services are the best for businesses that want to spend less communicating without compromising on the quality of calls. Companies that switch to these providers end up paying almost half their usual bill thus saving them a lot of money. The reduction in calling costs is for both local and international calls regardless of the duration or location of the person on the other side. The same applies to video calls that are fast replacing voice calls for those that communicate on a regular basis.  You can further increase savings by installing a VoIP VPN and choosing an IP address with lower call rates.

Most popular cheap VoIP providers

Businesses that communicate regularly over the internet are always looking for ways to reduce their calling costs. The best way to cut costs is by looking for VoIP providers that offer affordable services that are high-quality. Some of these service providers are listed below.

         1. AxVoice

If you are looking for a VoIP provider that can meet both your

residential and business calling needs, then you must go for Axvoice. With its reasonable calling plans, you have to pay as low as $4.99 a month, and you will get the lowest international call rates with unlimited free in-network calling. At the most economical price, you will get all advanced VoIP calling features, including conference calling, call forwarding, Do Not Disturb, Enhanced Voicemail, Music on Hold, Simultaneous Ring, and many others.

Also, Axvoice VoIP provider doesn’t compromise on the quality, say it voice quality or service quality. Plus, it is becoming increasingly popular among business users for its reliability and ease of usage. It offers a plug-and-play system, so there is no need for any additional equipment to be configured. It makes call management way easier by offering a user-friendly web account to manage VoIP settings from anywhere.

2. Google Voice

Companies that need basic VoIP features will appreciate what Google Voice has to offer. The provider has essential functions such as call recording, voicemail to text and call management for all their clients. These features are ideal for businesses that are looking for simple VoIP features at a low cost. Also, the setup is easy as you only need a Gmail account to be given a free number for all your calls.

3. Vonage

In business circles, Vonage is known for its low prices and customizable plans which are ideal for companies operating on small budgets. The VoIP service provider has plans that range between nineteen dollars to thirty-nine dollars depending on the features chosen. They allow businesses to adjust their plans by removing and adding features until they get a plan that meets their budget. Also, companies are entitled to volume discounts depending on some factors such as users on the package among others. The more users on the plan, the less you pay for the services offered by Vonage.

4. On Sip

If you are looking for a VoIP service provider whose services are entirely free, the On Sip is the best choice for you. The cloud-hosted solution is the cheapest option for businesses that are looking to spend as little as possible making calls over the internet. It has many features that set it apart from others and is known for reliability as well as quality calls at all times. Additionally, it does not need any equipment to be configured and is easy to set up for businesses.

5. com is an ideal option for business owners that are looking for standard VoIP features with pricing plans that are flexible. Pricing of VoIP services starts from just under thirteen dollars with the user choosing between unlimited calling and pay per minute options. These options are ideal for entrepreneurs that only want to pay for what they need in the businesses. Some of the top features for users of are a mobile application, faxing capability, automated attendant, conference calling and dial-by-name directory.

6. 8×8 Virtual Office

Companies that make international calls regularly will appreciate the services offered by the 8×8 Virtual office. The VoIP system offers unlimited international calls to at least forty two countries depending on the plan chosen. Apart from free calls, the service provider also provides additional features to clients such as call recording and an attendant that picks calls automatically. The costs start from twenty-five dollars for each user per month making it an ideal choice for businesses dealing with international clients. Also, the budget-friendly service is cloud-based which does not require any wiring to set up.

Overall, cheap VoIP service providers play a significant role in lowering startup costs for small businesses. The ability to communicate effectively with clients, suppliers and partners in an effective manner is vital for every business, and these VoIP providers ensure that it happens at the lowest cost possible.