(By Esther Muwombi)

When we talk of 5G, it seems as if it’s something that is to come in the next 20 or 50 years but 5G is just months away. In some countries, it will be in use by early 2019 and for the rest of the bigger world, 2020-2021 for the underdeveloped and rural parts.

Have you thought about how 5G will transform your life? I bet you haven’t. Because if you had, you would be super excited about it.

I have heard some people say that they are comfortable with 4G and that they don’t think 5G will bring anything new but they are wrong.

If you are not techy, the description of 5G will make you go bananas. So here is a super easy way to understand 5G.

5G will be 20 times faster than 4G attaining high speeds of 20GB per second

Now here is a sneak peek into what life will look like when 5G arrives.

The smart home

If you already have a smart home, brace yourself for an extra super smarter home.

Forget about the smart lights and how you talk to your home even while away. Put aside that coffee maker that brews your perfect coffee and notifies you via your phone when it’s ready. All that is good but the new smart home running under 5G will blow your mind.

There will be personalized spaces that meet every family member’s needs. Yes every single one of you in the family will have a command of what they want. Homes will be connected to telehealth to enable the sick or elderly to monitor their medication, sleep, and overall wellness.

With telehealth, people could walk again and gain credible strength through sensors that help them get up after a surgery, arthritis or a stroke.

Homes will be extremely energy efficient because monitors won’t use much battery since the internet will be blazing fast.

People will be able to optimize their water entertainment. There will no longer be need to fight over the TV remote control. Smart homes will simply become a home of lots of preference.

Smart cars

Was the last time you saw a self-drive car in a movie? Well soon you will see them on the road or you might own one yourself.  A research by Telefónica UK, called “The value of 5G for cities and communities” revealed that 1.3 million electric cars will be brought to the roads due to 5G.

Using 5G energy grids that have the capacity to mass charge electric cars, car owners will be able to save up to £1,600 per year in fuel.

In the US alone, it’s reported that more than 39000 people are killed annually in accidents that are caused by driver’s error. Self-drive cars will be able to communicate with each other so that there are reduced traffic and accidents also making platooning possible.

Smarter cities

Cities are set to increase their productivity. Using speedy crime detectors, the police will be able to crack down on criminals instantly.

Cities will save more on energy. Using telehealth, hospitals will cut down on the strain of people waiting in lines. There will be healthier people as they take health in their own hands using telehealth.

Smarter mobile phones

The 5G mobile phones that will soon be here are rumoured to surprisingly be less sleek and cute. But the features they will come with are top-notch.

3D video calls are one of the features. 3D will enable video calls to be as real as possible. Close to feeling like you are in the same room while chatting.

There will be increased argumented reality phones. To support AR, mobile phone manufacturers such as Sony have already promised high-resolution screens about 7680 x 4320.

Apple also announced that they will release their 5G phone in 2019. That reminds me that it’s time to sell my Apple iPhone 7 plus

Phone recycling companies like Rapid phone buyer will be very busy recycling over 1 million mobile phones across the UK as people clear the way for the new 5G phones.