Since its creation, Golang has provoked a lot of noise among the IT community. Someone considers it to be the ideal language for solving almost all types of server tasks, while others  not yet fully appreciated its capabilities.

Many software development companies preach efficiency and high-quality of Golang, hence increasingly use this language to resolve various software challenges. Based on our experience, we’ve prepared for you a mini review on how to get real benefits while building a modern backend fit using Golang technology.

Golang development services for successful business growth

Because of the easy barrier to entry, low resource costs, and reasonable ratio of development speed & code performance, Golang was fast appreciated by both software engineers and business owners. Its popularity is growing every year higher and higher, confirming this statement through the fresh statistic from Google trends.

Developer with some experience in backend technologies can start coding in Go just in few days, thereby having a practical approach to solve ongoing development challenges.

Avoiding complicated libraries and features in Golang development, the language has a clear conception as an easy to learn and use programming stack. There are all necessary libraries and features to start coding an efficient and robust software in a short period.

Therefore, the reliability of the language is proven by Google, Cloudfront, Yandex, DigitalOcean, etc., who use Go to cover their backend systems demands.

Golang: Web & Mobile development

Golang is a general-purpose programming language, developed by Google to cover needs of their intricate backend systems. The leading team’s goal was to provide quick issues resolution, and ensure the highest level of app’s performance and protection. And they perfectly succeeded. Now all Go’s possibilities are in the broader use of both startups and large corporations. Golang has more than 37 000 stars on Github, and its usage continues to grow.

Golang can be used as a multifunctional stack for projects of any complexity. It shows excellent results while building Networking and Web Servers, DB servers, Microservices, REST APIs projects, and single page applications in particular.

Advantages of Golang app development

Compiled & Rapid

Golang is very fast. The reason is that it combines the effective programming as an interpreted, dynamically-typed language, but at the same time has the best from statically-typed, compiled language (picking up errors at compile time). It delivers the code safety and as an outcome provides a high level of an app’s protection and the fast speed of performance.

Golang shows excellent results during the compilation, offering users an amazing experience. As an illustration, Dropbox replaced the most significant backend features from Python to Golang, ensuring the product’s reliability and the product’s cost reduction.

Concurrent & Fast Running

Golang runtime is outstanding, and its concurrency programming is at a high level. To be more clear, with the concurrent computing, Go’s code works as a set of interacting computing processes that run in parallel (simultaneously). It significantly reduces the processing time, thereby making applications on Go, one of the fastest ones. As an example, you can compare Golang to Ruby, looking at the following benchmark. The results speak for themselves.

Benefits of Golang also occur in the cloud computing. Initially, the language was developed as a “cloud infrastructure language”, and this is the primary reason why Docker chose Golang technology to build one of the largest open platforms for developers and sysadmins.

Readable & Maintained

To create a programme, it is just the beginning of its successful growth and additional features development. The massive scope of the further works is related to product’s supporting and code optimization. However, many factors could severely affect this process.

In particular, it always exists a human factor in a project’s development. The leading developer can leave an enterprise; the engineering team should be expended, or any other cause, which can slow down the development process.

As a result, delays in deadline and unplanned project’s cost raising. To prevent all these unexpected issues, the code should be easy to read and maintain.

Golang has a simple and intuitive syntax, much more comfortable than languages as C ++ or Java. Thus, the introduction of new developers to the development process is painless and fast, and the code optimization runs smoothly and without unnecessary delays.

Open-sourced & Accessible

Golang is an open-sourced programming language. Everyone can use its practical and robust solutions to develop an excellent software product. Furthermore, Go is continuously improving, because of massive and accessible Awesome Go library. The best decisions for everyday developers tasks are stocked there. Instead, each Go’s enthusiast can contribute to its development and improvement, providing their own code’s solutions to the Awesome Go library.

It would be nice if this Golang review convinced you to choose exactly those technology stacks which ideally suit your software demands. Smart decisions lead to supreme outcomes!

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