If you have a computer, more than likely you have some form of virus protection installed. We want to make sure our computer is secured and protected from outside hackers. Especially if you are regularly surfing the internet, you want to ensure that you have a secure and private connection.

But what about your Android phone? If you spend more time surfing the web on your phone, shouldn’t you have the same kind of security and protection? You should get a VPN from Play Store. There are many benefits to having a VPN for your phone, so here is why you should get one.

What Is a VPN?

VPN is a virtual private network. What this means is that it provides a secure internet connection to you through remote, private networks. Users can send and receive data as secretly as possible.

A VPN also acts like a “tunnel” in which you can access private internal systems. This means you can unlock particular content that isn’t available in your location. So if you are browsing on your phone and come across content that is unavailable in your country, a VPN would allow you to access it.

A VPN is meant to give you the most privacy and security possible on the web. However, if a virus has already compromised your device in the past, the VPN won’t work quite as well. It cannot guarantee your anonymity, but it can protect you as best as it can.

Keep Your Phone Private

If you are someone that likes to browse the internet in public locations, say coffee shops or businesses that offer free Wi-Fi connections, you’ll want a VPN for your phone. Connection to an open network puts you at risk for unwanted users to hack into your device. You then become vulnerable to private information being looked at and potentially stolen.

Installing a VPN on your phone encrypts the data, so it protects your online activity. It creates a tunnel which it routes all the internet traffic through. This tunnel secures your connection and stops any outsiders (hackers, companies or the government) from trying to gather information from your device.

Access Locked Content

If you like to use streaming services, a VPN may come in handy. Some services are only available to some regions of the world. For example, there is an American Netflix and a Canadian Netflix, but you cannot access them from different countries.

Installing a VPN allows you to do that just that – access services from different countries. So if you are taking a vacation outside of the country, your VPN would allow you to access your favourite Netflix show still even though you are no longer in the United States.

Keep in mind though that some streaming services are not fond of using VPN’s to access content outside the restricted area. Look into the terms and conditions of the service you are trying to use before attempting to use a VPN. There could be a potential of losing your account.

There are a lot of benefits to using a VPN on your phone. The most significant advantage that makes a VPN appealing is the security protection it provides while using a public connection. If you are on the go and tend to do a lot of work on your phone, especially through an open internet connection, a VPN will come in handy.

Protect your phone and all the information you have on it, including mobile banking, with a VPN. Encrypt your connection so that those outside of your phone cannot watch and interfere with what you are doing. Although your phone will use a little bit more data, the privacy, in the end, is worth it.